Make zoom optional or sanction "Weapon Zoom" mod

The forced zoom of many ranged weapons makes them unpleasant to use for some players, would be nice to get a setting to disable this similar to head bob and camera shake.

Alternatively the Weapon Zoom mod could be sanctioned to allow players to customize zoom to suit them.
Weapon Zoom


+1. please fix this fatshark, it seems like it would be an easy fix considering the function already exist on waystalker.

1 keybinded button to swap zoom levels (between no zoom and original zoom).

1 option to default to no zoom.
1 option to default to original zoom.
1 option to default to last used zoom.
1 option to disable the alternative zoom function all together.

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I really wanted this as an option for so long. For example the Beam Staff auto-zooms in even though it’s unnecessary more than 70% of the time, yet when I want to Snipe a special with my Bolt Staff I can’t zoom in. Really frustrating sometimes, please consider making this an option bound to special attack key.


Yeah I feel the same with beam particulary, but for consistency I would like to see it on all weapons across the board. It also improves your muscle memory a lot to have consistent FoV when “zoomed in” (wouldnt really be zoomed in but yeah you get my point.).

I would prefer it if they didn’t add it to special attack since it might make troubles if they want to add a special attack to a ranged weapon in the future and also to not mess with WS special attack zoom.

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I would also love to be able to disable zoom on a per-weapon basis. I play at FOV 71 so I have no trouble hitting things while unzoomed, but the zoom severely limits my FOV. If I could, I’d disable zoom on all weapons except Handgun. And yes, Beam Staff is the worst offender for me.

its a huge +1 from me

Alternatively, make weapon zoom something you have to activate for most of the ranged weapons.

Waystalker has a passive that let’s you activate a secondary zoom on bows. Just make this function universal for most ranged weapons and give Kerillian a different and better passive.


Can confirm that beam staff without zoom is a joyous experience indeed.

Using the weapon special key as a zoom toggle could work, but it should probably remember the previously selected zoom level so those who do want zoom on a weapon don’t have to press it every time they aim.

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Stuff like this makes it pretty obvious that the devs don’t play their own game

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