Make the markings indicating the locations where you can climb as the skaven more noticeable

You know how in l4d the markings are much brigter, bigger and overall more noticeable than they are in this game? Would be perfect if you could make them look more similar to the l4d games. Even better if you could also add an indicator of the direction of the climb. I have climbed down more than once thinking my char would be going up.

Also the animation to climb them is very obtuse and annoying. I understand that your animators wouldnt wanna animate 5 characters and some kind of animation is in order since you can climb even when alive, but mayve make the climb an instanteneous teleport when you do it as a ghost? thanks

@Draky I agree. Since when you are under pressure as skaven, or you are running, sometimes you don’t see the marks.

Also I agree on the climbing when being ghost. It feels dumb, and is not needed.

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