Make the last week of the beta the best week

July is over. As far as I know, holiday is over in Sweden. Fatshark promised to stay commited to V2. A great way to prove that commitment is to take the plethora of really great feedback and implement it in the final week of the beta. Some things such as massive remainings won’t be possible, but alot of smaller things are. We as a community have done our part in providing feedback and ideas. It’s up to fatshark to bring this one home. If the beta is released in its current state, balance will definitely have improved, but there is still time to make it the best it can possibly be. I know you can do it Obese Megalodon. Make us proud.


I think it’s stupid that they had to limit the duration of the BBB by only a few weeks. Some classes that need changes didn’t get any attention at all during this time period. Now they’re being shoved on the shelf until the end of year.

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