Make shields a separate illusion so you can customize both the weapon and shield. Possibly other weapons too

This would require some effort because you would need many more glow skins. But I think it would be a good improvement to the customization system. Basically it would go like this:

  1. When a shield weapon drops the name and skin is determined by the weapon. In other words if you want to use the other sword skin on a sword/shield you have to get it as a separate drop.
  2. The shield that comes with the weapon is randomized and considered a separate skin you can apply. This would require every shield type to have a glow skin as well as new inventory icons for each skin combination.
  3. When you go to apply an illusion to a shield weapon you now have the choice of changing the weapon skin (which also determines the name of the weapon), or you can apply any of the shield illusions you have unlocked. If the weapon has a glow skin on it, any shield you apply will appear as the glow version.

This system could be applied to other weapon types as well, any of the dual weapons could be also customized this way as well as BoP and Rapier. As with the shield the primary weapon in the right hand determines the name of the skin and the colour of the glow (if any). The offhand can be customized based on the illusions you have unlocked. Unlike shields these other weapons would always drop in matching pairs instead of randomizing the offhand.


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