Make more careers/characters viable

I’ve been told the character i’m leveling (kerrilian) and the career i liked the idea of (waystalker) Is not Viable in legend. Which it too bad because i love cleric type play styles and this combination was the only thing i saw that allowed me to heal other teammates without using an actual item. And i don’t know but being told i’m going to be kicked from games because i’m playing a character that is under powered feels kind of bad, so if you guys have time (developers) i’m wondering if you could buff some characters, which ever ones are considered not viable, and not just the one i’m going with, (i don’t want other people being told their fun in this game will be gimped later either) I and i’m sure others would be ever so grateful.

I really like the game so far and i want it to be the best it can be.

-Wishing you the best, a player.

You make your own viability. That said, there are a few careers that underperform at the moment, but waystalker is far from one of them. The only one which comes to mind that is truly bad is witch hunter captain. He requires attention. The rest, in my opinion, are fine.

You shouldnt listen too much to what people are telling you. Once you experience it yourself, you can start to worry. I have never seen a waystalker get kicked for being a waystalker.


If this is true then that’s terribly relieving, but this post is also for witch hunter captains and everyone else i don’t want to have to kick people for their choice in characters.

Don’t mind what others call “viable”, just use whatever you want. Every career and every weapon is playable even in Legend, although some are harder than others. Your own skills have a far greater impact, and people who kick others for simply playing certain careers or setups are likely ones you don’t want to play with anyway.

In my opinion, Waystalker is actually one of the easier and more forgiving careers to play (although that forgiveness reduces in effectiveness as you play higher difficulties), even if she is (at least with certain builds) somewhat prone to friendly-firing.

Just explore and try different styles and careers. so many thins for your effectiveness in this game depend on personal playstyle that making a definitive list of what is or isn’t good is impossible, and that’s why you should find your own favourites. If you want to find out how some certain setups are used effectively, find videos by good players using those setups and study them, or just start experimenting.


Dont listen to other people. WS is fine and is probably one of the “better” classes in the game.
I dont know where you got this info from, but take what you hear with a grain of salt and play the class for yourself on Legend.
In fact, all the careers are “legend viable.”
Some need some “tweaking” like Hunts and WHC but I am not going to get into that here.

Also, if ya wanna play a kind of support character I suggest WHC or Merc.
The team heal talent on WS is kinda lackluster especially on the higher difficulties.

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The concept of viability in this game is horribly skewed. From what I’ve seen, it’s often comparing strong and normal rather than normal and weak.

If the group paces themselves then everything is perfectly viable and effective. However, there seems to be a “gotta go fast” mentality. Not to mention that groups of randoms will have different play styles, strategies, etc.
There are so many more factors that go into it than “this career is bad.”

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As someone who’s completed the “All maps on Legend with All careers” more than two weeks ago, I can tell you right now that all the careers are viable if used correctly. But some are definitely more difficult to make work well. (looking at you, Ranger veteran). It’s a matter of having the right talents/traits for the role you’re trying to fill, and then playing that role well.

That said, Waystalker certainly isn’t a bad career. Quite the opposite I’d say.
Though the “heal everyone passively” talent sadly is at the moment definitely in need of a buff… I love the idea of it, but it just doesn’t come into play enough.

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Literally the best class in the game… what?

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Definitely wouldn’t go that far… But that’s all subjective.

Best boss damage in the game (with HB), highest mobility, self heal, strong melee weapons, versatile set ups, easy to hit breakpoints, short CD on active which kills specials for free, infinite ammo regen.

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WHC is fine, can hit multiple breakpoints easily, tags let him basically body shot anything, most people just don’t play him well since he requires a lot more attention to play with than say BH, who is fairly broken at the moment anyway.

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actually, the more you play, the more you’ll understand that it isn’t the classes that make or break legend, but more of how your react to threats and how to counter them. even a WHC can hold a chokepoint, or kill that annoying blightstormer before he becomes a real threat, or kill a stormvermin that’s about to gut your wizard. as long as you find a way to deal with threats on any class, you’re golden.

the waystalker is by no means weak in legend, but in order to use her well you need to understand all her strengths and weaknesses - she’s a primary ranged char, you want to take out most threats with your bows, and her melee options are very strong too (most of her melee setups can deal with hordes relatively well).

i feel that her weakness is chaos warriors and getting cornered by elites - she doesn’t have escape abilities to get out of jail free, you’re going to have to smash them down by force to get out of a bad situation. if you understand that well and play to minimise that risk of getting engaged with too many strong melee enemies, then you’re well on your way to doing great in legend =)

this exactly!

There is nothing wrong with waystalker on legend, you just need to be more creative on the build.

She can’t hit breakpoints as easily or at all compared to the 15% power boost handmaiden and shade get but you can build around it. Make her into a crit machine. Take 5% crit on talent, crit on both weapons, crit on trinket and attack speed crit on charm. Also take both ammo regen talents.

With hunter trait on swift bow you can lay into the horde and are almost guaranteed to proc hunter vs infantry making her just as good as the other sub classes breakpoint wise. A bit weaker vs specials because of swiftbow but I think it works.

You can spam chaos warriors with swift bow light attack fishing for a crit then smash them with the glaive. It works really well.

Waystalker is viable, but WHC is underperforming. The fact that fatshark has failed to even decrease his abysmal ult timer is a testament to some serious ineptitude.

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