Make Kruber's Longbow zoom be toggle-able like Waystalker's passive [Poll]

  • Make Empire Bow’s zoom toggle-able
  • Keep it timed but return previous timing
  • Keep it timed as is

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I’ve seen a few people request this, so I figured I’ll make a poll to see how popular this suggestion is.
I think the timed zoom is rather uncomfortable to use, but the zoom is useful sometimes. The weapon honestly feels a bit awkward right now with it zooming when you don’t need to, making this a great QoL change.

EDIT: So far only one person likes the way the Empire Longbow’s zoom works right now.
You know what to do FS.


Make it timed but return previous timig (right after full charge).

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I added this option.
Previous voters’ votes have been deleted, my apologies.

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Im surprised none of the modders have bothered to try and get a zoom toggle mod added?

If they have tried thats news to me.

I highly doubt it would be accepted since it changes the balance of the weapon, which probably breaches the terms of mods.

We already have mods that change the balance of the game.


Remove hanged corpses mod removes the bodies so you can hit enemies you shouldnt be able to hit with ranged and melee because they’re no longer there.

No wobble mod removes skill out the game by taking camera shake off.

Remove ult effects mod takes the overlay off ults so you can see things you normally wouldnt be able to see in certain areas on maps with some overlays (Shade overlay when ulting on into the nest is a good example) It also removes sound on many of the ults letting you hear more important sounds like specials spawning (If they even make sound lol)

Collisions still exist, it only removes it visually. In a way it makes things harder because you can’t tell your shot could get blocked. You could argue removing ult/potion effects makes it more difficult to tell when the effect ended, so I’d say it’s more a personal preference thing and less changing the balance.

To be honest the ult effects and wobble stuff should just be in the base game settings in my opinion, probably this zoom toggle as well.


By the way, it seems like FS considered this when the BBB started.

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I’d be okay with either reverting it or making it a toggle. The way it works currently in the beta is just terrible.

Personally I prefer the current way rather than the previous, but I think the best way would just be to just make it a toggle. That way everyone can control the timing of the zoom for themselves.
I really hope we can get this change before they release to live.


Seems like this isn’t happening, which is unfortunate.

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Note: The bow already has toggable zoom during huntsman ult. Maybe that causes some complications to add toggable zoom as passive.

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Oh man I keep forgetting that exists. Maybe take the auto zoom off longbow entirely, then make the Ult zoom work regardless of Ult? That should remove any conflicts.

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