Make handmaiden's Focused Spirit buff not get removed by friendly fire

Like the new huntsman talent.



Let’s add UC’s Blood Magic and IB’s Gromril to that list while we’re at it. Probably some other I’m missing too.


But then we can’t make “high-level-plays” anymore by triggering the dwarf for pushing effects :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha that did legitimately come to mind when I was typing that, especially with the new attack speed version.

Hope we can all agree this is acceptable losses :stuck_out_tongue:

Add a toggle ! 🤸

Seriously: if there are ‘advanced tactics’, like triggering a gromril on purpose to use knockback, then i would say keep it in the game, unless fatshark doesn’t want those kind of ‘mechanics’ to exist.

Blood magic and hm don’t have any of those things, they just are annoying so i am for removing ff affecting them, but maybe fatshark made it so ff affected them for balancing purposes. I doubt it but we dont’ know for sure.

Yea! As long as its not in the hand of the elf, dwarf, wizard. I want to decide if I can utilise 200iq plays or not.

It is indeed a 200iq play to trigger Gromril Curse on purpose to ledge a monster - but it still shouldn’t proc on FF. The tactic would remain in the game. It would only be accessible to IB himself and I would really like it that way.

I enjoyed some dozens of hours of IB during BBB and nothing was more infuriating than getting proced by Hagbane’s or Conflag’s AoE, for instance. Mainly because it takes away self-determination. I consider my IB play quite thoughtful and preemptive as I like to actively play around Gromril Curse (as it’s supposed to be, I guess). But this is hindered by FF most of the time.
I want to proc on purpose when I have the monster where I want it to be - and not proced by a firebomb someone already threw at it even though it wasn’t close enough to the ledge. I want to drag some elites away, although knowing that an assassin is near, because I know my curse will keep me safe from it - but not if I got hit by team spam. I want to light up a dense hord with the flamethrower asap, ignoring my blindside because I’m aware my curse is up, but get hit in the back nonetheless because a stray Hagbane DoT proced me.

Conflag and Hagbane are by far the worst offenders but it can happen anytime. Some observations with personal evidence: My damage taken numbers don’t exceed 200 or even 100 damge when I’m not paired with those two ranged weapons. If I’m paired with one of them, damage taken is usually doubled. That’s how it’s affecting me and I doubt I am the only one.

tl;dr - It should be common sense that talents that have a x happens when y amount of damage taken should not be proced by FF. Especially when the talents in question are designed to be defensive ones. I know this will trigger some people but this principle should also apply to Zealot’s Heart of Iron.

From the top of my head, FF shouldn’t proc the following talents/passives:

  • IB’s Gromril Armour in general and its derivates
  • Handmaiden’s Focused Spirit
  • RV’s new Exuberance
  • Zealot’s Heart of Iron passive
  • UC’s Blood Magic passive
  • GK’s Virtue of Stoicism
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