Make Every Shot count

I thought shooting at the bulwark shield didn’t count as hits?

This is my last vet penance and it’s an absolute nightmare. I don’t know what counts and what doesn’t and the idea that I can fail it because my teammate can kill an elite from the dropship has me seriously demotivated.

I totally understand why people were cheesing it.

Though I will say, it’s kind of funny that I’m going out of my way to find bad weapons in the store to make it easier.

I strongly recommend blowing through all of your ammo near the start of the match and not equipping your gun again when you run out of ammo. This way you’ll be more likely to know near the beginning of the match if you succeeded or failed. When I did it, I’d just drop and start a new run if I missed a shot.

So far I’ve basically been doing that, but not restarting if I miss.

This game has some of the most frustrating challenges in any game I’ve played. Like, 100% accuracy normally isn’t that difficult in a shooter if you’re careful. But having teammates be able to block your shots or kill your target a split second before you click, or enemies just randomly changing direction for no apparent reason makes it an exercise in futility.

Then there’s the vet’s ammo regen buff… If there’s another vet on the team you might as well just leave immediately. It’s hard enough to run out of ammo on the vet even in normal gameplay, let alone when you’re trying to “make every shot count”.

Everyone involved in designing and approving these penances should be assigned to new tasks. Something where they can’t break anything.

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Everyone designing anything in this game would benefit from playing their parts all together with the other parts as normal players. In isolation a design can be okay or meh, but it interacting with other systems just bares how bad it can be.

No test tools, no debug tools, no bypasses, no spawners, no map/difficulty/condition/secondary selectors. I bet you they didn’t see most of the faults with a lot of the design in this game because they could bypass them with their internal tools.

you have shoot that you wont miss and then your teammate shoots barel that will blow your target away or you hit dead body or poxwalker hits your back or sniper knoks you away and so on. I would rather do “make 10000 headshoots” then this.

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The only saving grace is you can ignore the vet ammo buff regen so long as you deplete your ammo to 0/0 once and never equip your melee weapon again. Any ammo regenned through the class feature won’t count against you. I think I’d still be working on it if I didn’t restart immediately after missing.

I did this for last 3 games, unloaded my mag to 0/0 and carried on with my melee, didn’t even switch to nades or any health packs/anything. With so many elites in a match that my ammo almost went back up to starting point (Thank you to my trusty power sword).

I failed all of those times somehow, so I started thinking they patched it and you have to have 0/0 at the end of the match, along with the regained ammo. But if they didn’t, and you just completed it, then this must mean another thing.

Each one of these games I’ve had one of those lag jumps where your weapon fires, it VISIBLY hits the enemy, but jumps as if it was a glitch (In this case a ogryn reaper, and I can see the plasma beam hit him because I’m 10m away from the brick sh*t house), but then it doesn’t take away any ammo from your mag and doesn’t show the hit mark (red or white thing) and you wonder, will the game count this as a shot?

Last 3 games, I am not kidding, had this happen once each game on an elite, thought - nevermind, surely it’s a lag so if the hit mark didn’t show, and the ammo wasn’t taken by the shot - the game won’t register the shot surely?

Well, looks like it must do… if I decide to fire a round just when the game decides to lag, even if I am right on the mark the game basically says - screw you, you suck for things that happen totally out of your control.

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Is that the case only if you don’t equip your ranged weapon again, or is ammo gained through that feature just not counted in general?

Either way, this is yet another case of something that really could be explained better…

I’m pretty sure I switched to my ranged at one point but didn’t reload my weapon and switched back to melee on the round I completed it, but probably best to be safer and not switch back to your ranged weapon at all. Not sure if they’ve made changes to the penance as mentioned above though.


Even if it’s been changed, thanks for the tip. If it works, it’ll make that penance so much less rage inducing.

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I hope not that would be brutal. It’s bad enough as it is trying to melee in heresy with random people you can tell they don’t understand what your doing at first :smiley:

One thing this penance showed me is just how much vet hard carries against the ranged mobs. Without you to break the deadlocks when you get a ton of shooters in cover games a lot harder.

Good luck out there anyone who’s still doing this I still think it should be changed.


I really hope it hasn’t been patched. Still I’m going to try and go for a shotgun run instead. Sick of the plasma gun now…

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Have a go in the practice arena and see how far away you can shoot from it helped me. gl dude

shoot where? Don’t you need empty rounds and 100% accuarcy?

Yeah I also did not quite understand what VanHoven meant by this. But I heard something similar so what I did also try in terms of trying to cheese it at first was doing my best throughout the game to do it properly, but I would continue despite a miss or two if it happened, and then near the end of the map I would F4 when I knew we had the mission in the bag, I’d then log back in, reconnect, empty one or two rounds that appeared from last elites and finish with 0/0 mag. It didn’t work, and I tried that probably about 4/5 times before I started feeling like a piece of turd for trying to cheese it. Some people said that the hit count resets when you reconnect etc. so the way I understood it is that if I shot last 2/3 rounds after reconnecting, it would be 100% hit rate for those 3 shots hit, as opposed to the game taking into account all the shots throughout the mission before I disconnected. I personally cannot confirm this after my attempts.

He’s saying that disconnecting and reconnecting resets your accuracy. Do that with out bullet left, shoot that bullet into something and finish the rest of the mission with melee and it counts as 100%.

That was patched out ages ago I think…

The no melee hit one was but not the accuracy one.

I have a fix for you!

In order to NOT deal with the silly optional content, which oftens affects the game experience of people who end up playing with you.

Are you ready?

Don’t waste yours and other time doing it.

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