Make every shot count penance is bad

trying to complete this penance has been the worst experience in darktide ever, even if you do it with a full and coordinated team

the conditions are way too easy to fail since you miss just one shot you fail this penance

  • enemies erratic movements, especially the specials that can break into a full sprint from stationary without any warning (flamers, trappers, bombers, even snipers
  • shots just missing because of recoil + aiming with iron sights just feels awful
  • teammates walking in front of you, blocking ur shot
  • teammates kill the enemy you’re shooting, cause ur shot to miss
  • you are forced to pick a sub-optimal weapon just to have low ammo count
  • you are not able to kill HVTs as effectively because of your weapon choice
  • you are not able to kill gunners for ur team effectively for fear of missing a single shot for reasons listed above

the entire mission you are a liability for your team

We helped a friend to do it.

The way to go is that you need a mission with an escape in the end as those will continue spawning enemies untill you leave.

The veteran who wants to do the penance will have to play melee all the way until the end of the mission.

Make your way to the Valkyrie but don’t go in.

Rest of the team should form on a chocke and just block / push the enemies near them while the veteran unloads his gun on the enemies further back.

In case you want to know he used the revolver for this.

Once he is out of ammo, everyone run in to the valk.

Penance completed.


Way too many penances are required team effort when one guy gets reward, or sometimes even risk losing a mission to get a penance.

Psychers killing elites in 12 seconds, so that nobody is attacking an elite, or doing 90% damage to monstrosity with only BB, while others just masterbate around doing nothing for few minutes. Zaelots also are messed up, basicly all penances are messed up. Its like “cant do penances, go to shop”