Make bill hook great again

Bill hook is a universal weapon for Victor and has recently been nerfed. I think this nerf
is completely absurd. Since it is that the rapier on special attack not spending anything then why is bill hook should be spent shields(stamina)? This is the same special attack sewn into the weapon it is not a blow from the block (bash). To be able to kill 10 stormvermins
you need to use a special attack and at the same time have all the shields for the block. In order to keep the wave you need to constantly use rotation(combination of strikes) from a block which spends the shields(stamina) because Horde is impossible to hold with only light attacks and when there are enemies with shields its impossible to disassemble them without shields(stamina) blocks or use special attacks + bill hook have no mass armor stagger which is the rapier, or flail has I don’t know who suggested worsening the bill hook but I assume that this was a man from the legend or champion difficulty and to make objective conclusions it is necessary to play the most difficult things
cata+ deed the vanguard HBFS (2x hp elite damage) and sudden death. Now bill hook is impossible to use and I want to look at the one who came up with the idea to make it worse and how he(she) will play for victor on cata + deeds with nerfed bill hook.


I am one of the people who was for nerfing the special attack on billhook.

The current change to the billhook special only affected Bounty hunter in a negative way and not the careers who needed it in the first place.

Instead of making special attack cost stamina they should of added a delay to it instead, so bh wouldn’t be the only one impacted heavily and whc and zealot barely.

I understand you don’t want billhook stagger to be changed because otherwise you won’t be able to play your sudden death cata dhdd twitch games anymore, but that shouldn’t be an issue with the current changes or my suggestion. Good players, like yourself, don’t need to rely on a crutch so it should barely affect you.

Almost forgot to add my credibility: i achieved fortunes of war on veteran. That’s my highest challenge i’ve ever done.

Edit: inb4 all your friends come boost this thread again.


true, what’s the deal with that other thread? Who does that on a forum where it outright says that you literally just made the account lol. It’s obvious enough even on anonymous forums or ones with no big “THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THEY’VE POSTED BTW” sign.

Also billhook is fine and still one of the best weapons in the game, I had absolutely zero issues playing with it on cata the other day. You spam the special very slightly less, but it doesn’t really make any difference at all in 99% of situations, just removes some cheese.

Cata with deeds is absolutely not the most difficult content available, by the way, particularly if you were relying on cheesy strats like billhook special spamming to beat it.

My qualifications are that I’m the democratically elected king for life of vermintide in the oceanic region, and that my deadlift is alright.


bring the billhook special attack back! who even thought of this!? …
you made this weapon available only after purchasing the dls, in fact, people paid extra for it (after the release of this patch, billhook will not be able to use it in full). And this patch will just kill this weapon on a high difficulty level with Deeds

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You’re right, that would be quickplay on any difficulty.

The Billhook is definitely still a good, high dps weapon after these changes. This just brings it in line with other long reach high dps 2h weapons that require some degree of support to be optimal. Before it basically had the flexibility and defense of a 1h weapon. Now it’s still good, just reasonable.


Actually that billhook is still strong as ever. The change only really touched the skill floor of the weapon. Most people using that thing on modded difficulties avoid using the weapon special alltogether to not loose dps. Why hook sth that you can dodge in the first place … Simple as that.
And yes chain CC pretty much any enemy is ridiculous.


Hi, I was the person responsible for the original nerf to billhook’s dodge numbers and I fully support the nerf to the special attack. I play much harder content than cata+deeds and am happy to answer any questions :slight_smile:



I’ve found the meta strat for QP is to just pick the fastest build you can and then focus on literally nothing but flexing how fast you are. Works every time.

lmao, you’ve gotta settle down mate. Relying 100% on flexing to make an argument is silly to start with, but people doing content harder than some cata deeds really isn’t anything groundbreaking. I’m sure incan can post his own stuff, but cata deeds is just nowhere close to the hardest possible content.


sigh well I can post this to show the kind of content I tackle at 300+ ping

Anyway, flexing aside: just learn to manage your stamina, spamming billhook special is a crutch that should never have existed on the weapon as it has until now. It totally trivialized any given single target encounter being able to stun-lock chaos warriors and even yank Halescourge off of his platform, killing him instantly

That level of control should come at a cost, and now it does.


you are a very weak player how can you give your objective opinion since you did not pass in the game high LVL content and spoil the game to other people with increasing difficulty many things change and it is very much felt

Git Gud :sunglasses:


Do you mean speedrunning or just 10% attack speed/10% crit chance/SS?

Back to Basics on Cata is pretty hard, but also boring. Most of the ‘hardest’ content is just an exercise in tedium that works with specific builds and breakpoints, and ruins some weapons (lol imagine using BoP on DWONS and not the Crossbow). Mechanical skill barely even matters on DWONS from what I’ve seen (no offense to Incan, still a great player from the games I’ve played with them), otherwise everyone would have to be Icelator or something for it to be passable.

Sorry, I know that wasn’t the point you made, but I’ve been having to deal with a few arrogant players lately that get carried on the harder content and wanted to get this out somewhere.

Is it bad that I wanted this to stay for free?

He’s just not a fun boss. Maybe if they buffed his attack speed and made the attacks more frequent he would be. They need to add more enemies to Skarrik’s fight as well, so range careers get less time to melt him, maybe before Skarrik even drops.

And Bodvar as well needs something. It’s not just a health/damage reduction issue. It’s also because landing things like BH’s ult is really easy in these boss arenas, due to a lack of pressure from the summoned enemies. There are hordes of Marauders before the fight, where did they all go? On a break?

I’ve had boss encounters (like a Minotaur at the start of Lightreaper) that were more difficult than these lords fights.


Oh yeah there’s a lot of ego stroking in the community…as can be seen in this thread from old mate harping on about cata deeds like as though that’s the peak of skill and the only level at which feedback is valid (which is obviously totally untrue)


the fact that you threw it off doesn’t leave anything difficult for me so what do you mean by the most complex content in the game

Slayer and zealot have been the go to recently, slayer can work up some insane movement speed with quad axes, talents and a speed pot. Not doing anything of real note with them, just playing the same except very fast.

I dunno, I wouldn’t go that far. Mechanics matter in the same way they do in any content, better mechanics means more damage done and less damage taken. Don’t need to to be literally the best around to do well in it, but bad mechanics just means you’ll die a lot. There’s more teamwork focus too of course. Like I’m sure you’d agree mechanics matter a heap in a cata TS too, even if there’s a bunch more metaknowledge you need on top of that.

Wasn’t trying to brag with it at all, my greatest accomplishment is an almost finished deathwish TS back in the day lol. I’m not a particularly hardcore player these days.

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I’ve got a deathwish TS recording that I keep locked in the vault because it was handmaiden with gift of ladrielle :joy: didn’t speedrun but I’d rather not deal with all the community BS surrounding that talent

also I was on a discord call during it so I’d have to post it with totally muted audio which would be pretty awkward to watch

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lol I can’t judge, mine was on old zealot, so not really much more “legit”. we can’t all be fattig I suppose

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But it’s already great.

Honestly I just disagree. I’ve soloed DWONS hordes with the Rapier + the Scary Elites mutator and it’s just boring.

Anyway, let’s not let the thread drift off the Billhook anymore then I’ve derailed it. The Billhook still has fantastic stagger strength outside of the special thanks to the second heavy. It doesn’t really need this either in my opinion.

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