Make beastmen spawn 33% of the time

From playing a bit more i feel that beastmen are not spawning enough. chaos and skaven are both factions why do beastmen barely spawn?

I think beastmen should spawn around 25-33% of the time and interact like chaos interact with skaven currently. Or like @KaelusVonSestiaf suggested in his thread make it capped. or make it the same spawn rates as chaos are.

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33.3% at the sample of 2, ty

Because they aren’t the same as Skaven / Norsca factions. Rather then being a full roster of multiple specials, monsters, elites they are just a “horde / raid” faction and thus lack the permanency of the other factions that allows them to have a great density.

If anything the Skaven and Norscan alliance are those setting up the party while the Beastmen are those who crash said party.


I think there is some RNG problem, because I still see them more numerous than Chaos and Skaven.

Anyway this seems pretty legit… But only if Fatshark nerf Beastmen until they become strong as the other factions. Now they are the strongest one.