Magnus tower vt2 bug

Issue Summary:

When someone joins on Magnus tower somewhere around the second tome they´ll spawn underground and cant get up to normal ground level, forcing them to quit essentially.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

It seems to happen every time but i havent played the map that often with those circumstances to really remember, but it did happen just yesterday and it has happened to me before as well and it was that exact area.

I did unfortunately not get any screenshots or recordings of it but it should be possible to find out in a controlled environment for a dedicated group.

Same here. Two people were killed and respawned before enter of barrel evemt, where you carry 3 bareels to the gates. They were freed, but teleported under ground for some reason

Edit: they ve been teleported under ground at the moment they were set free

P. S. rejoining the game doesnt solve problem, until u pass to the second grim area i believe


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