Mace and Sword is bad

Hello there, i just made an account only to share my opinion on this garbage of a weapon. I play Empire Soldier mainly (Kruber), and when i first tried this “thing” i instantly noticed it’s lack of damage and armor penetration, it’s literally one of the worst weapons in game, it’s slow, under-powered and hideous to look at, especially with the last two illusions. The thing that bothers me most is the fact that Saltzpyre’s new weapon it’s pretty much exactly the same in terms of concept and move-set, but unlike the mace and sword it’s actually worth a damn, this just goes to show how little they care about certain characters. Congrats on making a 10$ dlc weapon s*it FS.

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Have you tried it with the patch that went live today?
According the patch damage vs. Armor was increased.

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Admittedly, @Warren, the DLC came out yesterday… there’s going to be some fine tuning. Also, as @hanzy mentions, there was a buff to their damage and there is also this thread on the power attack:

I haven’t used the weapons so I can’t confirm or deny it, but some other folks don’t seem to agree with the sentiment that the weapons are:

I so do hope that there is more constructive criticism in the world as opposed to saying they are just trash. What about the weapon illusions don’t you like? Post pictures of them, show a side-by-side comparison… I haven’t seen them yet, so I can’t argue whether they look bad or not (which would certainly be an opinion).

As far as everyone getting a dual-wield weapon set… I think they just wanted to bring some other characters to the “cool dual-wielding style” than anything else. When something new is introduced you can certainly try it, but you certainly don’t need to switch to it exclusively. I still like to have a shield on Ironbreaker and Foot-Knight, but Mercenary Kruber could certainly dual-wield a mace&sword thematically. The only non-expert melee combatant in the group is Sienna, so it sorta fits that she didn’t get one.

EDIT: I believe these are the details mentioned by @hanzy:


I love that weapons, I thnk it’s very good, I completed many legend games with it, it penetrates armor just right and it’s fast, just upgrade it, increase the attack speed and critical chance andit’s an awesome weapon,
I love it


didnt like them at first and still dont relish a mass slave rat horde but now i can rely on the stagger im getting into it , not sure it will ever replace the exe for me as i just love that, but on the whole a good weapon ill defo use more.

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This weapons are fast, useful to clear hordes and do enough armor damage, to kill chaos warriors an stomvermins, very cool weapon,


Since the recent buff, Mace&Sword feels just right now, good against hordes and adequate against armor on both mercenary and footknight. A good example for a properly balanced yet fun and worthwhile weapon on all difficulties.

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There is only one aspect of this weapon you said nothing about- monster damage. For some reason it’s very low, not only minibosses takes ages to bring down with Mace+Sword but also packmasters. And the only Kruber’s career that can entirely rely on his ranged weapon to deal with monsters is Huntsman.

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