Mace and Shield's BASH is slower than other shields' bash: bug or intended?

Hammer/Mace & Shield’s bash is slower than any other shield’s bash.

You can easily test it. Take IB with Miner’s Rythm talent. Use the combo push-bash vs a dummy in the keep.

Miner’s Rythm bonus lasts 2 second and it refreshes at every heavy attack (bash included)… so, sooner you see it refreshed, faster the heavy attack (bash) is.
With some test you can easly notice that Hammer and Shield’s bash is really slow.

Intended? Bug?

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I think this is just axe & shield just being faster because the mod sped up most parts of the weapon. S&S and B S&S (when chained from heavy 1) have equally slow bashes.

I feel that Axe and Sword has the same “bash speed” as always… like Sword and Shield too. Only Mace/Hammer and Shield seems slower :thinking:

Dunno… @Fatshark_Hedge could we have some info?

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