Mace and shield combo

Please, change again combo push attack + H1 (Heavy sweep). Or at least let us chioce.

Why? If you want single target damage, push attack -> light is better. And for CC, push attack -> shield bash is better.

H1 should go back to being the heavy sweep, though.

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Oh look, it’s post 1,607,378 about M/H&S that’s arguing for exactly the opposite thing the latest patch changed.

The combo pushattack - bash was returned after it was (presumably) uncounsiously removed by messing with other parts of the weapon’s moveset, after big public demand for the change back. I must admit I was sceptical of its use before that happened, but I changed my opinion after trying it a bit. It’s quite useful, and more than pushattack - sweep was. In case you want to switch to sweep or one of the combos with it (like L2 - sweep or bash - sweep) after a pushattack, you still have pushattack - L3 - sweep (which is not significantly slower!) or pushattack - bash - sweep, which lets you use the sweep from a safer sitiuation where the enemies are controlled more. Making it pushattack - sweep again would be a nerf.

The M/H&S might be the most discussed and most contended weapon during this Beta. Probably for a good reason, since it was one of the weakest weapons in the game so it needed big changes, and also because its moveset was overhauled like no other weapon was. I think at this point there’s a consensus of pretty much everybody that the M/H&S is a stronger weapon than it was. However, there are still people that want some of its moveset changes reverted.

Some, like @KaelusVonSestiaf (my conclusion here is based on his previous posts), feel like some changes removed the unique identity of the weapon, making it too similar to S&S and A&S. I personally don’t share that opinion, since playing with this weapon vs. playing with those others is still a completely different experience. Some others dislike the new moves because they were used to the old ones. I never really got used to the old moves because I never played the weapon much, but I can sorta feel for them. However, if you try the new M/H&S with the mindset of trying a new weapon, you’ll find that it now has intuitive and effective combos for a good variety of situations. More than it had, anyways.

I want to really plead to not mess with this weapon at this point in the Beta anymore. We finally have a version of this thematically super cool weapon that’s not only usable, but also just plain good. Its power is balanced. Its moveset, when judged by itself, is interesting. I never had as much fun playing it as during this Beta. I fear messing with it with no time left to adjust to those changes can only make it worse. Lets just be satisfied with what we now finally have: A balanced, good, versatile, and interesting weapon that’s a good alternative to the other shield weapons.

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