Low level players thinking they can run damnation/+ mission are ruining my gameplay experience

Idk what is happening that is making people think that they can blast through damnation at level 16 or even 20 but you’re wasting you teammates as well as your own time by doing this. I don’t want to sit here saying pointless crap about how bad you are. Infact i don’t doubt you have 4 more characters that already hit 30, maxed out with gear and can run Hi-Intensity Shock Gaunt without breaking a sweat on your unshaved neck. But all of you clearly overestimate your abilities to run these mission when you’re so low level. Stop doing it!


If youre good at the game and know your limits, its more than possible to play Damnation(+) earlier than lvl30. Ive even seen some people that were lvl 18-22 perform way better than some at 30.

Sure, normal damnation is sometimes plagued by sub-par players that get baited by the higher/better loot, but if its s1 in auric, that person has to be premade with alteast s1 else in the lobby, so im taking the benefit of the doubt, that the actual lvl30 “signed off” the skill level of the sub30.
Sometimes it works out fine, but sometimes you lose. Imo you shouldnt go into Auric with the expectation to win 100% anyways. Auric is there to play to the absolute limit.
If you want 100% wr and farm ressources do it on the normal board

Worry not bud, as soon as i hit lvl 30 immediately stopping wasting your time at damnation (/+) and start wasting time at auric maelstrom, where time waste really matters… until then stay strong!

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Very doubtful that sub lvl 20ties can do auric missions. you’re just missing so much in item power and talent tree points you’re not gonna benefit the team at all.
good players might try from lvl 25 and up, but why bother at all just get to lvl 30 and well practice to be a good teamplayer.
Or as we used to say git gud I guess.
Just jumping into a game to play is very frustrating right now. Many auric missions don’t even get passed the first drop, it’s just bizar. I don’t mind losing that much but this is just pathetic.
And organizing a pre made isn’t always possible, so in reality I think people play way more in random groups.

Well just because of how condescending and generalizing you are, I’m going to start seeing how low of a level I can be and clear these missions. Hope to see you out there!

Yeah no, I’d rather F9.

why are you booing?

he’s right.


nobody reading this is one of those scrubs. those scrubs will ragequit after failing to get hard-carried five or six times then go back to watching tiktoks.

also i kinda want to know who has to shave their neck. are you some kinda wolfman, or possibly a samsquantch?

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It’s often not a question of skill, but gear. Nobody can make a weapon they get at L20 perform like one they get at L30, regardless of their skills.

While that is true, a player can stop being a dead weight with good skill but not good gear.

Sure, youre not gonna be the most dmg and most likely not the last one standing/be the one to clutch, but you sure as hell are able to not be a deadweight.

Also some stuff doesnt really need that good gear to be able to perform its role.

Melee Ogryn get like 80% of their dmg online when they hit lvl 15-20, with all the bleed, soften them up, etc.
Blitz heavy Pskyers, like assail and smite, also dont benefit from gear all that much and are able to perform the respective role fairly easy once they have their special upgrade.
Bleed zealots basically only need the upper third of their skill tree to be able to put on their “basic” performance. Sure they will severely lack the flexibility for other scenarios but atleast they shouldnt die to a horde.
A support vet also doesnt need too much, as the shout is currently very strong.

There may be other builds that are not all that reliant on good gear that i couldnt think fo just now, but there are also a lot of builds that are gear reliant and need to have good, some even up to perfect gear in order to perform their role.

Yes you need good gear eventually if you want to compete with your team and make an impact and games, but imo, first and foremost comes skill. You can have perfect gear with 2x380 base weapons, all T4 rolled with what you want, 3x max roll curios with whatever you prefer and still be a deadweight on damnation

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Reminder: A bunch of random friends finished Damnation shortly after release, using All White gear.

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At vanilla damnation maybe, and that’s a big maybe. At Auric and Maelstrom you’re 100% dead weight if you’re not doing as much as everyone else.

All the skill and talents in the world doesn’t make up for other people having to constantly watch your back because your damage output isn’t enough to kill things fast enough. Even pure pox hordes are a problem for lower geared players simply because they don’t have the damage output to take them down quickly enough. What should be a 1/2 hit kill is a 2/3, or a 3/4, and that very quickly turns into an unmanageable pileup unless a properly geared player bails you out.

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On the other hand, the new level 20 power is similiar to that of the old level 30.

People forget we got a massive push to performance and strength for all classes. Our level 30 characters used to be as limpwristed as some of the lvl 15 talents now.

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While I agree that lower level people shouldn’t enter Auric. The general quality of players is atrocious.

The below screenshot is basically how 80% of my Auric Damnation quickplay games go these days.

It’s either smooth sailing “the game is too easy”-mode with good people or me having to literally solo the entire map.

I farmed operative rescues as I was doing the final event. While it’s fun to clutch when sht hits the fan, this is just tiring. Having to babysit and carry people gets old really fast.

I have no idea how you’d gatekeep it correctly though. Going by something like damage dealt, elite/special kills is too narrowminded and will skew the actual skill. Operative rescues might be a decent stat but that too can be grinded on easier difficulties.

The only think that’d make sense to me is having a penance for regular demnation completions without death, unlocking hi int damnation completions without death and finally HISTG completions without death for malice and auric quickplay to be unlocked.

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i’m gonna just say that ain’t true. current characters are more powerful in one aspect at the cost of being far less valuable across the board. this is a co-op shooter, not an MMO and specialization is a weakness, not an ideal. you either have a subpar build that’s worse across the board than the old characters or a niche fighter that instantly becomes dead weight once their ability to drain the team to get their position ends.

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Well, level 11 is just excessive. But with level 25 to 20 I see it being doable.

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One talent point per level makes that difference a bit less impactful, but I think you’ll be pretty lucky to have effective gear before level 30.

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