Love the game and the RNG is unplayable

After 1.03 the RNG of the specials has gotten to the point where the game is unplayable. Let me explain before 1.03 you would see specials jump out at you every once and a while and they would provide some prodding to stay together and work together. After 1.03 they seem to be everywhere, I have seen wraiths appear in the middle of a rush or a Rush happen in the middle of a Spawn of Chaos. It is getting to the point where you can not really move 2 minutes in the game without having some spectral jump out at you on top of what ever else the game is throwing at you at the time. While before 1.03 these were challenges today they have made the game frankly unplayable I am sorry I do not enjoy having deal with a rush only to have an assassin pop out to jump on me from behind while i deal with the rush in front of me

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