Lottery sucks, why can't this happen for Christmas? (Crafting hotfix question)

Fat Shark you could immediately increase the drop rate of the crafting materials, and reduce the cost of crafting materials, as a gesture of good faith, to alleviate the problems of not being able to craft gear at a reasonable rate. You could also make it so 380 weapons are common in the shops.

This is a few line of code to change to make things a lot better for us, why can’t this happen for Christmas?

I ask you who would detract from this idea, why are there different weapons in the game, and different stats?

The existence of stats and weapon types, talents and crafting in general are an indication that, part of the game is the ability to use these metrics in meaningful ways to adopt different play styles and allow players freedom of choices.

For example, I want to get 3 curios with the following stats for a crit build with a decent hellbore mkIII I have.

toughness regen
stamina regen
combat ability regen

I have a fraction of this now, mostly random stats around the 30% stamina regen. I would play more If I could get multiple enjoyable builds to play but I can’t even get one dialed in and I’m at 300 hours of play time and now rapidly losing the desire to play.

I should be able to have a few decent sets of gear that provide me different play styles at tier 5 after playing this much.

I have a patch work of gear with almost no cohesive theme and a handful of guns with good enough stats for t5, this is unacceptable.

The existence of different builds and stats implies we should have access to them to some degree and not this near infinite lottery system.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope Santa (fat shark) does not just give us coal.


First change needed is that Refine needs to be able to reroll both perks on weapon and all perks on curios. That would already be big QoL change and reduce RNG in big way. Them not doing that is deliberately trying to force excesive RNG for us. Nothing would happen if we could reroll all perks apart from us being able to finally experiment with different setups before blessings crafting comes in.

Store obviously needs to go or be change into sort of crafting in V2. Meaning that you have list of every weapon + curio in Store as “blueprint” and when you buy it, you are getting random rolled one. But the plus is you can just spam and buy one you need and get good roll faster. Not best solution but fast solution to Store being dog poop design.

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I wonder if they will address the question, but that is a good point as well, all of this could be done easily in my experience as a programmer. (it’s not brain surgery)