Lots of weirdness in general

  • leaving convocation of decay circle apparently leads to a long time of being blinded compared to usual (not for host)
  • convocation of decay end event starting before we’ve reached the event
  • righteous stand desync after first event at the top of elevator (enemies run through wall)
  • silent packmasters, and every so often a silent gutter runner
  • sometimes the Horde and Special spawns feel weird, and there’s some definitely some silent or messed up Hordes that seem to spawn before the Horde sound even happens
  • weird FPS lag in general

Having unreasonably bad FPS despite meeting or exceeding the “recommended” pc specs is nothing new sadly.

Very strange only thing i can explain away is CoD circle used to play with bare minimum graphics but one i believe, lighting exposure rate, being super slow/low blinds you when leaving that circle or any fire effects really it sucks but have to have that setting up =/

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