Lost orange dual axes and winged axes skin to a Backend 1000 server error

Just 5 min ago, (currently 23:02 EST Aug 30) I was trying to extract the winged axe illusion from an orange dual axes and during the extract animation the game threw a Backend 1000 server error and quit. I logged back in immediately and now I see that my orange axes and the illusion are gone.

Is it possible to at minimum get the skin back? The winged axes are my favorite skin and I only had the one copy. If possible I’d also like the orange axes back as well that were also lost.

Please submit a ticket to fatsharkgames.com/support with a link to your Steam Profile URL so they can investigate and assist where possible recovering the loss.

Sorry to hear also btw :frowning:

Thanks for the help Hedge. I’ve submitted my ticket.

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