Lost conection with Engineer Chaos wastes while opening a chest


When you are an Engineer playing chaos wastes and you pick up a new perk from your carrier tree from a boss’s chest you lost connection with a host. This bug does not occur when you pick other perks. I tested it many times. Do not know if the bug occurs while you get a skill from a carrier tree while buying it from altar for 200 coins because I didn’t get it yet.
Unfortunately, I can’t send a video with this bug??? “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”

Best regards!

When you play as an Engineer in chaos wastes and you pick up one of your carrier skill tree perks from a boss chest you immediately lost a connection with a host. This doesn’t occur when you pick up other skills. Skills that I tested and lost connection are Bombardier, Linked Compression Chamber, Armour Piercing Slugs.

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