[Loremaster's Armoury] Waystalker & Huntsman Hat Recolours… and more



Well, well… I have been waiting for these for some while now. I must admit, I have always been quite fond of this rather simple but effective and elegant design. I wonder… which plume shall become the most popular.

All variants are now accessible in the latests update of Loremaster’s Armoury Mod


Would you imagine if we had a Dye system, like 2 type of dyes:

  • Metallic (Can be applied on Cuirass and metallic armour)
  • Cloth (Can be applied to fabric, plumes and maybe leather)

Like even certain weapons would be able to be dyed (the shields for example)

Edit: Nonetheless I need a Blue crest Slayer (Norse Berserker)


That’s soooooo good.


Thank you. I am happy to say that this is only the beginning of armour recolours.


“To accomplish any task – to defeat any foe, all that is needed is a keen eye, a sharp mind and the favour of the Goddess…”



Hear me, Lady of Battle, let my drib be glorious and shiny so I can kill your enemies in style.


Blessed Armour of the Blazing Sun

I can already hear you ask: “Where in Vaul’s name did your grace manage to acquire such a rare set of armour?”
It belonged to an old friend; Forgotten by name and family long ago. I will not keep it for long though. There is a particual person I have in mind who will, I am sure, put it to good use…

I shall send it to him right away.

New Blessed Helm and Plate of the Blazing Sun recolours for Livery of the Blazing Sun and Scour-Sun Helm are now available in the latest update of Loremaster’s Armoury Mod

This was my biggest recolour work I’ve done so far. I hope you will like it!

Few additional in-game screenshots:


Goddamn that looks sick. Kinda putting the devs to shame on the cosmetics front.


Inb4 banned because the hats match the rest of the skin. :face_with_head_bandage:

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Grail Knight’s Helm recolour set

I hear these particular colours are quite popular and… fitting. Yes, I remember that several of my regular customers were looking for high quality dyes, so that they can make their cloth-pieces match.
I can respect that.

At long last. Here is the first batch from an upcoming hat recolour series, that will finally let you match your favourite hats with armours.

Now available in the latest update of Loremaster’s Armoury Mod

Few additional in-game screenshots:


Especially love the purified variant.
I think the GK, WP and perhaps SotT purified skins are the only ones that don’t look like white plaster on a wall and are worth using. Only GK didn’t have matching helmet.

Also suits the Le Faucon Rouge heraldry perfectly.


One thousand Subscribers on Steam Workshop

Loremaster’s Armoury Mod just hit 1k Current Subscribers on Steam Workshop with over 6k unique visitors. I’d like to take this opportunity to tank you all who “visited the armoury” and showed support.

I really appreciate that, and I am glad I was able to, at least in this form, give something to the community. Something you guys like and enjoy.

So… let’s open that new shipment, shall we?



Seeing this in the launcher gives me hope that FS might actually add these masterpieces to Lohner’s Emporium. Very very please :pray:

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Well I would not hold my breath, but thanks!

The Legacy of Chrace

Hmm… This one I have had shashed away for some time now, and something tells me I should put it on display. Someone could make a good use of it at last.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been quite busy. Here is a quick litte update: Chrace shield skin to accompany the new awesome White Lion skin for Handmaiden.

Now available in the latest update of Loremaster’s Armoury Mod

The original concept from Uniforms & Heraldry of the High Elves book:


And a couple of renders in neutral environment:

Few additional in-game screenshots:


Karak Norn Karinak

Even though I knew what to expect when I received this shipment, the ever present odour that lingers upon these items always startles me. It is almost as if it was infused with the musk, allowing it to stay present for centuries without any hit of dissolution… it is strange. Nevertheless, these items are very old, from the Golden age when things were… different. The ancient times when trade and exchange of knowledge between the nations of Elves and Dwarfs flourished. I have decided to gather the few remaining pieces I still have access to, and shall be putting them on display over time as I see fit. For this I have assigned a new display table on the other side of the shop, to your left as you enter the Armoury. Feel free to take a look… and of course, the stool is over there… for the vertically challenged individuals.

So… here we are, finally - for some of you I am sure. This is a first in a series of new shield skins coming for Bardin that are more… simple in design in comparison to the in-game originals.
I was trying to create something that would look good while still following the Dwarf lore with the limited skill I have. These are a bit more difficult to make in comparison to the previous ones, so I hope you will like them.

Karak Norn shield skin (Basic and Runic variants) are now available in the Armoury!

Original Reference:


Renders in neutral environment:

Few additional in-game screenshots:



Waystalker & Huntsman Hat Recolours… and more

*A new shipment… good. This one is a bit larger than usual. Some Imperial bonnets and… what is this? Ah yes, the Asrai craftsmanship always stands out. Though lacking in Asur splendour, the Elven elegance and centuries of skill a master craftsman put into making these is unmistakable. My kin was able to get their hands on some of these items through not-long lasting connections established shortly after the great battle known as Slaughter at Bleak Meadow, during the ninetieth year of the reign of Finubar the Seafarer. Armour such as this one is not fit for everyone, therefore I shall personally decide who may don it to battle… one last time.

A new patch, and this one has a bit more stuff in it than usual, so finish meditations, drink your share of blood or eat some Abn-i-khat if you need to and bear with me. For this release I put together three sets of hat recolours and something a slightly more unique and special… more of this at the end.
Let’s get to it, shall we?

Sunset Bonnet Recolour

“Remnant of a Stirland, Nuln, Reikwald and Middenland uniform, sported by a huntsman whose flamboyance outweigh his stealth.”

So in this patch Huntsman gets a nice set of recolours for Sunset Bonnet in variants of: Stirland, Nuln, Reikwald and Middenalnd, all made to match their armour counterparts as you can see on the rendered preview below.

Since the material of the Bonnet and Huntsman’s armour are different, it was difficult to get an exactly same colour, but that wasn’t my intent to be honest. I still wanted the bonnet to stand out a bit as an accessory to the armour, rather than a direct part of it. I think I managed to balance it quite well in the end.

Horn of Kurnous Recolour

“Antlered hood, symbolising dedication to Kurnous, God of the Hunt. Seldom worn by elf-maids.”

My personal favourite hat from the original Vermintide: The End Times, where I actually managed to get the Veteran illusion of The Pale Queen (Which I was really glad to bring back to Vermintide 2 in form of this Purified recolour). Once again, I made sure everything matches the corresponding armour variants as close as possible (this was really a pain) for Beaststalker, Nightstalker, Purified and Frostwatcher.

Evercrown Recolour

“High-status waywatcher’s mask, worn by a warrior skilled in the myriad ways of silent death.”

Now… I’ll stop here for a moment.

As you can see, there are only two variants for this hat. Originally, I though that this leafy-hat would fit quite well with the Waystalker’s premium armour skin Herald of the Weave if it was coloured to match, which I did and this became the Evergreen variant. But surely I could make this hat in all the previous variants to fit all armour colours right? Yes, but this would also require me to repaint all the leaves in a matching way because I did not want every recolour to use the same leaf-colour, if you get what I mean – and if I was to recolour the leaves, could I match them to something else? Well yes, the only skin that actually has some leaves on it: the previously mentioned Herald of the Weave.

So, to get to the point I did not want to make recolours of this hat without creating a matching armour to it as well, which to be honest indeed does take some time. Actually more time than I initially expected, therefore in the end, I finished only one matching recolour: Herald of Autumn.

Sentinel of Tirsyth Set

Herald of Autumn

“Tirsyth, the Ashenhall, is a High Realm of Athel Loren encased in eternal autumn. Elves who live there revere life’s end as fervently as they do its start, erecting moonstone statues of the departed to remember and honour their deceased kin.”

It took me a while before I managed to get it to the point where I would feel like it looks right, and hopefully fits in the game with the rest. Lots of going back and forth, adjusting small details, playing with colour saturation etc. I am not sure how often I will make full armour recolours like this one, since it is quite time consuming, so I would like to hear your opinion.

And finally… (as you can see in the render above) since I was already at it I also re-painted leaves of Antlersong to complete this Tirsyth set, so you can truly run around in style. And for those of you who like the veteran glowy variants of Scarloc’s Longbow and Asrai’s Reach, there is a recolour for them as well.

Song of Delliandra

“Under the perennially auburn leaves of the mighty guardian Delliandra, the forest grows and grows eternally.”

And that’s all I have for you.

If you made it this far, thank you for your time, and for those who will download the update and check these in game, enjoy!

As always, here are some ingame screenshots: