[Loremaster's Armoury] Bordeleaux shield skin

It really depends on the shield. The most difficult part is when I am making a new one, since I have to clean all the normal and combined maps to remove any unwanted aspects (like the 3D features most of Empire shields have, to make them flat and ready for new patterns).
Then it’s a matter of preserving as much of the original “wear and tear” texture as possible to make it feel authentic and in line with the originals.

Once all of this is done, then it’s just a matter of making a new heraldry pattern in AI, adding some additional scratches, mud-marks, rust etc.

All in all I’d say 2-3 days if I am making skin for a new type of shield. In case of shields I already have prepared… well it depends on the complexity of the heraldry pattern. Usually a day or two.


Here is the promised shield that came in the latest shipment.
The inventory is growing quite a bit, therefore I extended the display to the table on the other side of the room. Please, take a look and do not forget to take in the… scenery.


bro. brother. sibling. That looks so good!


Fatshark, hire this man.


Hmm… I entirely forgot I had these… disturbing sight indeed. Quite rare though.


By the Lady of Battle, this I like. We got blazing sun premium hat and recolor of FK’s armour, how about a shield to match them Fatshark? :stuck_out_tongue:


A shipment of true craftsmanship at last. Hold strong against the filth of Chaos and their feeble-minded minions. Fight for Asuryan, for the Phoenix King!


Allow me to tell you a story.

In the two hundred and fifty fifth year of the reign of Finubar the Seafarer, a sizeable Asur host led by prince Imrik of Caledor was sent to Couronne - a Bretonnian city - which was at the time under attack by a warhead of Beastmen. I myself was one of the mages accompanying the prince. Little did the Bretonnians know that we were not there to protect their city, rather what was burried deep beneath it: Waystones.

Nevertheless, we joined forces against the rampaging animals. I shall never forget how amusing it was to dispell the laugable attempts at magic of their shamans. Withough going too much into detail, suffice to say the day was won and the waystones at peace.

The local nobles decided to host a grand feast to celebrate the victory. It was prince Imrik himself who - as a crude attempt at humour I am sure - decided that I will represent him at the feast. The prince really enjoys vexing me. To do you all a favour, I will avoid describing the events of that rather dull evening and just say that I managed to secure diplomatic connections and favours with several of the nobles.

Finally it may bear some fruit.


Any more Eanith’s Chronicles on the way? :stuck_out_tongue:

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A beast worthy of a crest indeed.


Mathlann protects.

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