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Me be excited.

Didn’t GK get announced one week and then released the next? And OE announced and released on the same day?

That’s what I heard at least, but I don’t know for sure since I came back with Chaos Wastes.

Oak of Ages. Oak of Ages Past.

Literally, a world tree, with its roots penetrating through the entire Old World.

It was the last thing that disappeared at the moment of the Death of the Old World.

Last week it was revived, rooted through Mortal Realms, and a new Athel Loren forest has grow up around it.


There’s definitely a giant tree at the center of Athel Loren. The thing is pretty central to the Wood Elf culture as well. If this isn’t a teaser for Keri’s new career I’m an Elgi.


Is this a hint saying keri´s new career is some manner of priestess/paladin?

Did the asrai have something like that? Anyone?

Doesn’t have to be a priestess, Shadow Dancers for example venerate Loec and serve as his ‘priests/priestesses’

Kinda like how in the Empire you have priests/priestesses of the various gods/goddesses but then you have knights that venerate specifics gods/goddesses too.

Off the top of my head Sisters of the Thorn (spellcav) are the handmaidens of Ariel/Isha and Wild Riders (kinda like the wood elf equivalent to Reiksguard) are the bodyguards of Kurnous/Orion. Wood Elves don’t seem to have priest/priestesses in the Empire sense, at least in that many deities of theirs have warriors/magic users fulfilling the priest/priestess role.

Granted, my wood elf lore knowledge isn’t the best, so maybe someone can expand on this or correct me.

Well there are a few:

Isha (Alarielle/Ariel): Handsmaiden/Sister of Averlorn (HE) and Sister of the Thorn (WE), usually very magically attuned (Weave), follower of one of the avatar of Isha

Loec: Wardancer, closest thing they have to a priesthood

Kournous/Orion: Wild Rider and Wild Hunters

Eldazor: Eternal Guard, similar to Glade Guardian

There are many giant trees in Athel Loren, but the mightiest is the Oak of Age, each realm house such a tree where the court is held, those are the life force of the surrounding forest and their death mean the death of the forest


Some manner of sister, certainly.

Kerillian - Rebirth & Regret

While we all concentrated on the Sister of the Thorn, I think there are some actually interesting parts in the newest Lore which have been partially missed:

Then, of course, there’s the business of the Citadel of Eternity. You’ve all been a mite evasive about what you’ve seen and heard in there …

Near as I can tell, Lileath never answered our elf at the Citadel - or at least, if she did, she didn’t say anything Kerillian wanted to hear.

So the FLCs and any other Lore being posted from now on are officially after the Citadel of Eternity and the whole talking to the gods. So far it seems we did not free any dangerous demon or god. Also Sigmar did not come down and elevate Saltzpyre into priesthood. But apparently something did answer/talk to the heroes because otherwise they wouldn’t be so evasive. Maybe it was some unknown entity? Maybe it was their respective god (although I would expect stronger feedback from Saltzpyre then) telling them: “F*ck off. We are kinda busy right now/DIY.”

Seems Fatshark’s dropped an additional lorepost today.

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Thanks, completely missed that one.

I just need to encourage my merry band to learn to let go a little bit. Yeah, that’ll work. The religious fanatic. The wizard with the addictive personality. The dwarf weighed down by guilt. Whatever it is that Kerillian’s become. Yeah. They’ll ease back if I ask them. Nothing simpler.”

Well, why can’t they all be as laid back as Kruber. Empire Soldier secretely strongest Vermintide character.

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No problem. I don’t got much to add to the whole lore fluff stuff, but I figured it was worth checking to see if anyone submitted it yet.

@Adelion Although Kerillian’s post was released a day earlier, I think it’d be better to place it after obsession, since the latter is about her return to the U5, and Lonher mentions there he’ll explain what she is once he has it figured out.

Okay, at this point I would be willing to make a long-shot bet that we get Undead as a new enemy faction. All Lore knowledge is weak and possible wrong:

  • Kruber has asked Lohner (or Olesya?) about the area his ancestors held in Bretonnia. During the End Times there was a kind of Civil War in Bretonnia which also included Necromancer and an Undead faction
  • Fighting for the people of Bretonnia while also facing his fear of Necromancer would give a personal arc to Kruber’s story
  • Sienna’s “dead” friend was actually her Twin Sister and purely by chance was a Necromancer. However, she is not dead and is in Estelia summoning Undead’s again. Purely by chance Estelia is also overrun by the Skaven in the End Times which would give Fatshark freedom for a new campaign.
  • Fighting her Twin Sister would also serve as a motivator to seek more purpose in life other than burning explaining her potential (re)newed interest in Myrmidia.

If we get by chance in the next weeks a story about Bardin’s Daughter being found or being assumed to be in a region/Karak which by chance is again plagued by Undead, I am pretty sure that an Undead campaign is incoming weaving several character arcs and places together.


Undead could come due too Nameless, he did end up joining Chaos with a Possessed Isabella Von Carstein

Though I’d prefer if Gretta Bardinsdottir became playable in a new group that fight Vampire Pirates Dreadfleet/Dreadtide is my dream

Edit. And yes she shouldn’t be far from Estalia as Barak varr is next to it

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As I first read your post I scoffed and found it all to be far-fetched conjecture. And then just now I played a run and suddenly Kerillian said “We’ll be fine. As long as the dead stay dead.”, and I went okay…. And shortly after Bardin suddenly commented on the dead with something along the lines of at least not having to fight them. And now I’m wondering if this is how a paranoid hallucination feels…

And just now I realized Kruber has new lines about the dead being the lucky ones, and Saltz about how there’s redemption in dead. Where is my tinfoil hat?!

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I’ve read somewhere else that Sienna also has a new line like “I swear that corpse just right now looked funny at me”. They seem to have been added with the SotT Update. And concerning the timetable of the premium careers they have about 9-12 months to bring the story and development far enough for an Estellian campaign.

I think Estelia is like really an ideal choice:

  • People wanted new areas different from the usual Empire
  • People wanted a new enemies which would be covered by Sofia and Sienna’s backstory
  • Estelia is overrun by Skaven in the Endtimes, so there is variety
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I noticed a few more new lines too, in addition to the ones mentioned above: Bradin obviously sometimes sings some new songs, and, for example, Sir Kruber says that he does not want to get his shiny armor dirty.

Hey, I just realized Bardin has a new song… About the pirate king king of Barak-Varr. :neutral_face:

To be honest I still think it’s all a little too wild and nothing but wishful conjecture. But apparently the game is really trying to convice me it isn’t…

I can see dead people…

Yup, all the characters have gotten lines like this. Saltzpyre comments something akin to “some of these dead deserve death, others deserve worse”. There have been references to quite a few necromancers throughout Verm2. There’s a funnily named one mentioned ever since Blightreaper in a talk between Krubs and Salt. Then Lohner mentioned Kemmler recently and there’s the dev blog from last week rounding up Sienna’s backstory with a necromancer (initially implied during her trip to Drachenfels). One of Lohner’s old acquaintances is a vampire, and she has been referenced throughout in the past as well and is still brought up now and then in his random banter. Obviously some of this stuff is just fluff, but the undead have been foreshadowed ever since Verm1, both in Salt’s dialogue and in the prophecy at the end of White Rat, which mentions the Empire coming under siege from " the skaven, the chaos warriors of the north and the living dead".

It would be really cool if some of this stuff is translated into content further down the track and I think it would certainly go beyond what most people were expecting to ever get out of this game, so I hope it works out for the devs.

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