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@Adelion Look, next story:

Again, no Steam message.

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I have no idea why the keep hiding their Lore. Only “reason” could be the idiots on Steam saying that they “don’t care”.

I wonder how much more stories they have in petto. I would assume that something will happen at the end of them. Sort of like a countdown with no idea at which number we are :stuck_out_tongue:



By strange coincidence, it turns out this innovative idea wasn’t Gelt’s alone, but rather that of a mutual acquaintance. Would you believe she stopped by the keep a couple of days back, when the gang were out performing a bit of derring-do, and we had a good natter. She’s still the same. Dark sense of humour. Fleeting glances at my jugular, followed up by contrition. And never looking a day older, of course. Still, she sounded different. As if the world’s a bad joke she’s sick of hearing. Never thought I’d see it, if I’m honest, but it was nice to see her – even if I’m not allowed to tell anyone she was here.

In fact, I’m not much interested about fan-community, and I don’t know what’s the catch.

But summon Genevieve Dieudonné cultist here. He must see it. :heartbeat:


It’s more likely the community managers not posting them like they mean to. Do you see the blog post in Announcements on these forums?


I’m calling bs on this. Everyone knows that Kerillian friendly fires the same as she breathes :stuck_out_tongue:

While this is true, it is also a matter of consistency. Fatshark Forum never received those posts at all for any of Lohner’s tales. On Steam, some were posted, some were not. But yea, I think they should have been posted equally in both forums.


Don’t know much about the lore, but I hope the new careers have unique ults - not the vanilla 4 already in the base careers.

Engi ult is basically a dwarf ratling gunner. Maybe FS have just repurposed some of their Versus assets to make this. If so, could the new careers have ults based on the mechanics of some the specials already in the game? A wizard/shaman that has a blighstormer ult? A houndmaster/beastmaster that releases a spectral animal that incapacitates its prey like a packmaster/assassin? A steam tank engineer that generates bombs on a long cool down and can store a few so that they can go ‘full globadier’ in a clutch?

Whatever we get, I hope the ults are something different than existing classes. I also don’t want any more melee-only careers - it can get a bit dicy if you quickplay into a game with a GK and non-throwing axe slayer and no dedicated ranged careers. Ammo runs out quickly.

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Because eternal guard and handmaiden with a shield are basically the same thing in service to different “lords” . Except the eternal guard numbers in the thousands while the handmaidens are fewer and possibly even more elite.

She does not need another spear&shield class T_T

…And we dont need an elf cosplaying ironbreaker either, that´d be silly.


No, no, sometimes the obsession with green circles takes over and she cant manage to shoot the lumberfoots, no matter how much she wants them to hurry up. :innocent:

The stories so far imply a connection between Kerillian with Hekarti, Atharthi, and now Morag-hei. This heavily hints to a magic-y career for her. My theory is that Kerillian’s shenennigans with the ritual in Athel-Loren put her on the radar for Hekarti, leading to an interest from Atharthi, and to those influences she then needs to be able to defend herself, which leads her to turn to Morag-Hei somehow. Kerillian’s “prophetic dreams” schtick fits Morag-Hei very well in any case. Any lore buffs on elven gods have some input?

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Good catch. That makes so far sense. Hekarti was the good she angered by killing her followers (if she told the truth). Atharti seems to have gone after her as indicated by the blood-red snakes Lohner saw in his dreams and they come as double anyway. And Morag-Hei does fit with the crow-theme he sees now:

I’ve stopped having those recurring dreams about the snakes. Been replaced by crows, for some reason, but I don’t mind that so much, even if some old hag’s cackling in the background the whole time.

Also, according to Wiki paying tribute to Morag-Hei helps forestalling the inevitability of death and it is considered dark practice to pay tribute openly which explains her hiding the charms. With all these crpytic “hints” I would be surprised if it has nothing to do with her new career at this point. However, if this means that Morag-Hei will be the new goddess she follows is hard to tell.


You know … I was thinking.

They have gave Kerellian a dark elf aspect.

What if they made her a Dhar sorceress?

The Queen of Athel Loren used Dhar as an aspect of Isha.

@Adelion Vermintide Rumour Engine, new story every Friday:


Well. That was … interesting, I guess? A bit strange, a bit psycho.

Personally, I would be very happy to find Franz Lohner’s little Diary with all these stories myself. Really in the game, somewhere in a secret place in Tall Horn’ Keep.


Yea, I would like to see those poorly erased “conjectures” myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t think Sienna would be this emo.

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@Adelion For this anniversaries forgotten from another piece of the puzzle


…I sure do not envy Lohner at all, trolled by the unhinged wizard into being hung upside down from a cliff by an stabby angry elf? Because he didnt write any silly entertaining stories about said wizard in his journal that was nabbed?

And all his little goons just ran off, leaving him at her mercy after one look at Keri? :rofl:

@Adelion We can’t stop.


Well, we get closer to the new content. The Keep being cursed is new to me. But the Winds of Magic flowing strongly may something leading towards Chaos Wastes.

Also, that snark at the Drachenfels dialogues :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually, that is an interesting thought:

What if the demon we heard in Drachenfels wasn’t actually from Castle Drachenfels itself but from the Keep?

We can safely route out that we heard Nurgloth in Drachenfels. I am pretty sure we heard a demon. This may have been the demon which fused with Nurgloth or another demon. However, the latest Chronicle opens up the possibility that the demon we heard was from our own cursed Keep and the cursed influence of Castle Drachenfels only enabled us to hear it.

It would explain why the heroes are still complaining about their PTSD they brought back from Castle Drachenfels because the demon didn’t die with Nurgloth but came back to them to the Keep. Which fits with something I said a lot earlier, that I think the heroes are cursed. Just that the origin is the Keep itself. Which means they have to do something against it, which could be the reason they have to into the Chaos Wastes.

All speculation of course.

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