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And she has the same voice actress, but she actually sounds mellow :smiley:

Heh, that would be funny in a certain sense. A calm and mellow voice. The opposite of the bursting Sienna. I think it would fit as from the lore she appears to be the manipulative, calculative type while Sienna is the bursting, impulsive one. I really hope we get soon information if a new campaign or something in that direction will be coming.


Yeah a characters based mission pack would be amazing. Don’t forget a certain submarine :wink:


I’m still hoping for her to appear in another Warhammer fantasy Tide game about the Dreadfleet/Grand Alliance

Franz Lohner’s Chronicle - Deathly Whispers — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

And in an unexpected twist Sofia will be killed off-screen by Genevieve :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, still not sure where FS wants to go with the Sofia questline. This blackmailing could either end in us doing Sofia “a favour” and Lohner sends us somewhere on her whim. Or it ends with Lohner sending the U5 after Sofia. Or it is really all off-screen.

But I liked this sentence: “What you’d not be surprised by, if you’ve any nous at all, is how that kind of precaution doesn’t make for much of a defence in the face of a capable and determined Necromancer.

Necromancer Spymaster would make one interesting RPG character. Not so much for Vermintide though.


I’m confused, is it Sienna talking or Lohner ?

Because if it’s Sienna, could it imply Magister Vigilante, but if it’s Lohner, what are his ties to Sofia ?

It is Lohner. He is getting blackmailed by Sofia which sent him a letter some Chronicles ago. Sofia has yet to make a demand. But she let Lohner know that SHE knows about quite a bit of Lohner’s deeds for reason given in the quote.


The disappointment would be very high if this line of lore were to totally be off-screen rather than a set up for some sort of new content. As much as i love these lore nuggets every week it would be like a long, squeaky air-letting-out-of-a-balloon noise if it doesn’t end up as a hint to new levels/enemies


For some reason, it kind of reminds me of Bardin’s daughter…


It’s quite the same:

  • Relationship with an U5 (Daughter/ Sister]
  • Has become a noteworthy person (captain of a Nautilius/Necromancer)
  • Has contacted Lohner/U5 via letter
  • Has been very vague (Wtite in Kazalid/Threaten without explanation
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