Lore Behind Kellerman's Arms

So, I was asking a friend about this illusion, wondering which region of the world was it from

He tracked the name Kellerman to a rather obscure character from the fantasy RP campaign “The Enemy Within”, a prequel to “Shadows over Bogenhafen”:
Wolfgang Kellerman was the owner of the Crossed Lances and the leader of the Black Arrows until he lost his foot.
Being unfamiliar with the campaign I can’t say more, but my friend also tracked the colors of the shield to Talabecland, and the tree itself to a symbol of Taal.
It looks like Kruber got lucky in the Wastes. He didn’t get as much out of them as Saltzpyre did, but perhaps it is because Taal grew a bit jealous. You know what I’m talking about.


Taal is worship all across the empire (or even Old World you could say) to lesser or larger extend. Kruber himself is from Ostland I believe, though it is true the cult of Taal is strongest in Talabecland where also lies it’s largest temple.
I mostly see it as a way to let players define Kruber a little bit more to their liking imho (since we also have Stirland heraldry illusion on that weapon).

Didn’t know about Wolfgang Kellerman, nice catch. Fatshark do love their RP campaigns it seems.

Markus is from Ubersreik, Reikland, although his family hails from Talabecland, hence the worship of Taal (although as you say it’s not unheard of in other regions). He was sent to serve in Ostland as punishment for insubordination.

Here’s hoping we get a “Something Rotten in Kilsev” mappack for VT2. I’d love to get new story missions.