Loot calculations processed incorrectly

Mods: None
Difficulty: Legend
Game Type: Quickplay
Additional Info: The loot display animation was sped up by holding spacebar.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times now: The loot display on legendary runs runs full, thanks to Ranald or just loot dice, but the assigned vault is a generals vault. I have also confirmed that the generals vault is, in fact, what I have been receiving, despite the bar being full and refusing to get any more full than it is. Happened multiple times by now.

Here’s the latest run this happened, both the full score bare, the assignment of the chest, and the loot menu after.

And here’s another one where the bar just got stuck like this and still only rewarded a generals vault.

With all due respect, getting reds in this game is already such a stupid RNG endeavour that this bug really grinds my gears. It’s not like I had any luck with the last 70 emperors vaults either, but at least give me the correct vaults to disappoint myself with!

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