Loot box maximum give blue weapons

Issue Summary:

I’m a level 30 + 30 on elf, opened up a load of loot boxes ranging from commendation and emperor (from champ runs) - I must have opened 5-6 boxes and I got all blues, nothing else, it was like my maximum level allowance was throttled to receive max blue weapons.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Level 30 plus elf, handmaiden
  2. Open up loot boxes
    3.See blue only

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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Could just be lame RNG - are you still getting only blues?

Its the RNG system - which is absolute garbage.

I stopped playing the game until things get better because I am not getting what I want out of it and I am given 0 incentive to try. I am not going to play another +100 hours after 800 hours in and getting nothing I want. Its on game developers to make the right choices on how to reward players for effort, but what it is in this game just does NOT work. So I am no longer playing this game.

Sorry Devs… the game failed at keeping me interested to play on. I am not going to play for nothing… you can take your garbage loot boxes and shove it. I don’t need them or this game … beyond frustrated with the system to the actual point that I deleted the game now and leaving the community.

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