Looking for help or advice with penance

Hey guys,
so im looking for help or any useful tips on how to do “on overwatch” penance.
I mean it’s like going through hell.
Most of mission goin well for like 90%, then comes the fun part.
In last part basically all of my teammates just are just starts spreding and everything goes to hell.
Im almost instantlly attacked by horde. Don’t get me wrong. I can handle them but not without getting hit when they swarm me. Does anyone have any useful tips or can help?
Im playing on GP.

If you’re playing with random people you pretty much have to get lucky on the matchmaking. With random enemies able to spawn literally right behind you it helps to have a team that stays together most of the match.

For the Veteran themselves it’s a situational awareness check. I’d recommend a gun you can reliably kill enemies with at range without a long reload time to keep anything from getting too close. I prefer the MG XII Lasgun. Then when there’s a chance you may not be able to kill an enemy before they lunge into melee, swap to your melee weapon and get ready to block or shove them.

I don’t know what melee weapon your using, but the knife has good dodge distance and dodge speed to keep some space between you and enemies while also not bad at staggering multiple enemies as you slash at them. If you keep dodging and slashing you can usually finish the group off before they land a hit. Power Sword is a good choice if you’re used to the activation>step in to swing>dodge back>repeat combo, but it has a pretty crappy dodge compared to other Vet weapons.

Other than that you just gotta keep an ear out for the audio cue that you’re about to bet hit in the back. The moment you hear it dodge to the side and turn around. Once you’re used to that it gets a lot easier to avoid being hit in melee.

Randoms that’s stick together? That’s even harder then penance.

Take a weapon with good cc and +6 stamina from curios. Learn how to control the horde in melee. Learn how to pay attention to the backstab audio cue, if needed reduce music volume, experiment with dynamic range settings. Thats the hard way. The easy way would be find a Ogryn doing his panance where he needs to stay in coherency and make him guard you.

You wait until you get to the next one mate :smiley: Join me and several thousand other people in purgatory you will yes.