Longsword - maybe to good

Close in the body. Scales poorly with headshots. Or it did last time I tested it.

depends, you can make it less (having your 30% up for example), and if you go the crit talent you can 1 shot CWs with l1 on legend

I just tried a crit build with 10% crit chance and 40% crit power and I was absolutely underwhelmed by tha lack of attack speed I had to sacrifice to try it out. but in the end I had 18k damage and was genuinely surprised. I think I’ll just take crit chance and attack speed on the bretsword and try again :stuck_out_tongue:

you get more single target damage but the horde dps is less than Merc, Zealot and Slayer.

The 3 are also vastly more durable and have access to ranged options unlike Grail Knight. Zealot and Slayer are also more mobile.


Hmm idk about that one, I fairly consistently out-kill people on hordes, then again I havent played with a decent slayer yet, however! I will say the 30% power coupled with block canceling L1, L2 makes you into a wood chipper.

For sure.

And Barrage

Cata Ratogres. I dont even know how and why people would even spread stuff like GK dealing as much Monster dps as a Shade, or any other Monster killer. If you didnt see a Shade delete a Cata monster with your own eyes and played GK for more than 5 minutes you can always just jump into modded Realm and invest two minutes before spreading nonsense.

And this is only the Careers skills damage. Afterwards there is still a chunk of HP to deal with. Something the Shade will deal faster and easier with D&D, or S&D aswell, while having a hagbane.



If you dont spread nonsense none needs to call you out for it. Its that easy.

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it’s just a matter of math

Zealot gets 30% power same as GK but also a ton of attack speed which GK doesn’t get
Slayer gets a load of attack speed and 30% bonus damage

main differential after that is weapon choice and Billhook and Dual Axes will mince hordes, elites and monsters


Well dual axes is fast but doesn’t have the same cleave potential, it really depends, slayer def has an advantage vs Cata+ elites.

And this is not about longsword go to other topic

I am sorry but instead of accusing people of spreading none sense you should have specified your build for this test in the first place.
For all I care you could have used a different build with GK than with Shade.

The argument was that GK has massive boss DPS, never did I say he is on par with Shade.

That’s something, that has been bothering me for a while in this community honestly.
It’s abit funny honestly, this constant measuring contest of who know what best and whatnot.

If you can’t follow a conversation without being condescending, don’t argue at all

So I tested it
Shade and GK with the same properties and traits on weapons and charms
I did it with a Ratogre not taking any Power vs Skaven on purpose.
The boss I fought was C3 DW for a several reasons, I wasn’t looking for the difference in ult damage in the first place but which of these 2 could put out more damage over time with flawless kite dancing.

Shade DWC3 Ogre in 1:29 and yes that was with 1 conc pot (that boss kill was abit sloppy, I think Shade can get a DWC3 Ogre in abit over a minute maybe even less)
GK with the build I posted abit over 2 Minutes (2:15 I think) - also with 1 conc pot

I could have chosen Exe instead for higher damage output, have to test that on a different occasion

The reason why I tested this with a DWC3 Ogre is as I said was highest damage output over a longer period of time.
Cata isn’t demanding when you reach a certain level of confidence, hence I chose a Cata 3 Ogre - takes longer and demands longer focus

  1. that test sounds about right from how it feels in game.

  2. what weapon did you go with?

D&D on Shade
Double Bret Longsword on GK

Have you actually tested monster dps on X vs B sword? Thought maybe you tested while you were at it. Looking at the damage profiles, I would honestly kinda think B sword would be more dps while kiting a rogre.

To be honest I didn’t come around and practise boss kiting to the maximum potential with B sword.
It felt abit sloppy, I think you can get a second heavy hit in while kiting backwards but the timing feels abit weird.
Chaining push attack + heavy3 and light 3 feels even weirder but I think overall you get a higher damage output with chaining heavy1 and 2 with the double B sword.

Not sure how it turns out if you take double exe and Q-cancel heavy attacks constantly.
I would bet that the damage output would be higher maybe?

I don’t have attack speed numbers so I’d just need to test it. And yes, you can get pretty much 100% uptime on b sword with H3/push stab chaining. Which is repeating Bill Hook heavy and GA light obviously. 2 really good damage profiles. And x sword has pretty poor monster armor modifier. So idk.

I don’t have the numbers either, although I was looking for them, but it feels like chaining heavy1 feels a tad faster than chaining push attack and heavy3.

So according to the damage & BP calculator the difference in push attack and heavy3 combo compared to chaining heavy1 is minimal really
Can’t find the speeds of the attack patterns of the B sword but it feels like chaining heavy1 is faster than push attack and heavy3

| Monsters|
| Rat Ogre||Attack List|4000|
|Push Attack|32.73|
|Heavy 1/2|45.33|
|Heavy 3|49.10|

Difference between Push Attack + Heavy 3 ( 81,83) and 2x heavy 1 (90,66) is 8,83 dmg in favour of 2x heavy1

|HEAVY 1/2|52.88|
|HEAVY 3|59.33|

Difference between Crit Push Attack + Crit Heavy 3 ( 101,16) and 2x Crit heavy 1 (105,76) is 4,6 dmg in favour of 2x Crit heavy1

|Crit Push Attack|50.92|
|Crit Heavy 1/2|60.43|
|Crit Heavy 3|69.56|

Difference between Crit HS Push Attack + Crit HS Heavy 3 ( 120,48) and 2x Crit HS heavy 1 (120,86) is 0,38 dmg in favour of 2x heavy1

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That’s just raw damage, right? not DPS output.

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