Longshot of what would really push the game over the edge to greatness for me

I know this is highly unlikely to be something FS can just add into the game, but here it is. One thing Vermintide feels like it could improve on is really making the characters (and sub classes) feel distinct.

I know I’m going to get a lot of groans and sighs here for comparing these games, but i really feel like Overwatch set the standard for how fps-ish characters can feel different. The difference between OW and VT really only comes down to a small difference in character design.

In VT we get passives and an active, along with unique weapons. In OW, players get an ultimate, a distinct and unique movement ability, and 1-2 actives (and unique weapons). It really makes a huge difference.

Now I know you can’t just easily throw in more abilities to Vermintide’s classes the way the game is designed or balanced…however, I do wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to increase the variety of class-locked weapons to more areas like class specific grenades and healing abilities…

Maybe the Elf get’s a healing salve that’s more of a slow acting HoT…maybe the Dwarf applies engineered armor for a permanent until broken temp health shield…just flavorful and mechanically unique ways to do things we are already doing (and the same with nades).

I’d absolutely love to see a second active ability for all classes (maybe a baby ultimate) but I know that’s a long shot. Anyways…just my 2c for whatever it’s worth.

i actually am of the opposite opinion. the strength of vermintide is in it’s basic combat core with melee and ranged weapons. i feel that all this mucking about with talents and active abilities will change the focus up to focus on ‘meta’ builds, with people complaining about X talent or ability being overpowered, or underpowered yadda yadda… but in actual fact they can’t even handle combat scenarios with just normal weapons.

i play overwatch too and i love it. but now, i’m addicted to slicing rats all over again =)


You see this is the problem with what fatshark has gone and done , a game like vermintide should NEVER be compared to overwatch , people are now putting a magnifying glass on all these abilities and talents etc , now don’t get me wrong i love VT2 a ton , i think its excellent but this is a game with a really high skill ceiling and learning core mechanics and gameplay is what gets you to the top not spamming some ultimate - don’t believe they should add anything more to the current roster of abilities/traits/passives .
People need to start focusing on their combat rather than gawking at their ultimate when they decide to let it fly and then wanting more . The ultimates add a dynamic that wasn’t needed but is freaking cool (not even gonna lie) but they’ve gone as far as i believe they should go and nows the time to work on more important balancing and patching issues

yessir. this indeed.

one of the things that get me is most people aren’t even aware of audio cues and how to track by sound, even in champion and above… that should be basic.

I would be fond of staying as far away from anything blizzard related as possible. They are perhaps one of the worst game companies I have ever encountered and continue to butcher every product they produce.

Why are you commenting on Blizzard when we’re on a fatshark forum ? :man_shrugging:

eh, it’s normal. people like to compare the games they play

vermintide is in a class of it’s own tho. heh

Difference between comparing games and straight up roasting other devs out of nowhere ey

(Reading back my replies makes me sound like a blizzard fanboy so lemme just clarify this quick , i do enjoy overwatch , but i don’t think its necessary or at all needed to flame other devs while in the feedback forums of another developer entirely )

Since start of the v1 there is people that want to make Diablo or MOBA game out of vermintide concept, for some reason.
Most of long time players sticking with the game because of simple core, skill based combat. For ‘diablo\moba’ there is other games which are plentiful on the market


surprising opinion

i find their games very well crafted. not all of them are to my taste, but the end products are very polished.

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Skill based combat is fine…it’s just a bit boring after a while. If the skill based combat had more depth to it I would be fine with things as they are, but in comparing this to other first person melee combat games it’s not even that complex (take Chivalry for example…that gives you way more ability to be skillful than the set combos we have to work with in VT).

VT just kinda floats out there inbetween feeling like a true, complex skills based system and something more like a RPG. It doesn’t do either thing in a way that pushes (or even rubs up against) the limits of past games. I could take or leave more RPG elements…but it just feels very…“safe” in terms of how the systems are designed. It’s still fun, and still enjoyable. But it’s a little sad considering it could be so much better imho.

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