Longbow-type Ranged Weaponry Applying Damage Over Time When Not Applicable

Longbow on Huntsman Kruber applied damage over time when shooting without charging the shot. This also applied to other longbow-type weapons such as elf longbow and swift bow (not Waystalker’s serrated arrows). The swift bow could apply damage over time if firing using charged shots. This damage over time effect also seemed to affect other clients, as after testing in the keep other players could play as Huntsman and apply damage over time to the practice dummy. After switching to Waystalker with serrated shots, the bug disappeared and we could not replicate it.

This occurred after finishing Dark Omens on Cataclysm as Witch Hunter Captain with Flense and then playing Engines of War on Cataclysm as Huntsman Kruber. This is the first time I have encountered a bug such as this. It is also important to note that I was a client during the whole process.

Here is the entire Twitch VOD in which the bug took place. The previous games as well as the following games are also documented here. Below are time stamps to specific points where the bug can be seen.

Important time stamps:
First noticing the damage over time
Testing what weapons the damage over time applies to


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