Long-range skaven can be hard-to-catch

The game implements a catch-up mechanic for Skaven players who happen to be really far away from the heroes. You can press a button to re-enter ghost mode and catch up.

However, Skaven who have no issues with range, most notably the Poison Wind Globadier, can abuse this trick - throw a globe whilst really far away. Because the arc is predictable, it’s easy to aim at long range, and you can immediately disappear afterwards in order to reappear somewhere else and throw a ball. This makes you really annoying to catch, and you essentially have no more downtime than you usually would.

Globadiers and Gunners that are reloading ought not to be able to enter ghost mode until they have finished reloading, so the heroes have an easier time killing them.


it’s actually not a bad idea. I love playing them, but, player that cannot get to us will suffer hell to try.

The gunner would need to have his gun to full ammo capacity and reload to use the key to be near heroes again.

And the gaz rat, just to let the cooldown of his orb to be back.