Lizardmen's skinks

Would it be possible to add skinks or something of similar nature?


For what purpose? Lizardmen are aligned against Chaos in the End Times, aren’t they?

A playable lizardman (or greenskin, or even undead) character might make some sense in the later stages of the End Times, from what I understand, but I really doubt Fatshark will ever bother adding to the Ubersreik 5 (or 4, it doesn’t matter). By then, the current characters would be mostly irrelevant with all the nigh-unkillable demons and such wandering around, if I’m not mistaken. I’m not perfectly versed in End Times lore.


Nice one Kruber :stuck_out_tongue:
About new character, it requires so much work (voicelines and other) that I think we’ll never see one ^^ But who knows…

The closest you might get is something like a plague bearer as an elite, or a Greater unclean one as a boss. Skinks can get lost really - not even on the radar.

To clarify more, i would like a skink hero as a playable character. its classes/careers could be subdivided as such:
Skink cohort (a melee class, with excellent dodging, probably similar to the dwarf’s slayer)

Skink priest (ranged, magical class with excellent crowd control abilities, passive spells to help allies )

Chameleon skink (ranged, excellent damage abilities against unarmored targets, excellent dodging abilities).

This is just a mere suggestion, so if anything, bug fixing and other stuff should come before adding more code, textures, etc. But adding skinks to vermintide at some point would be really cool; because they’re a really unique faction in the fantasy genre (imo), yet they’re pretty under represented in terms of lore building and other stuff.

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