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I don’t know how the level should go, but I think a really cool idea for a level would be a ranged shoot out or something, I donno. But the main idea? Is to have like a bridge that you have to fight across. Like, there’s a building or something - a nexus. That is only reachable by this long bridge. Part of the level is crossing it. That’s the whole point of that mission part, I think it’d be baller. I was looking over a cliff and I saw it and thought “This’d be cool”


There’s a couple of missions that have a bridge fight in one place or another. Do you mean like one of those?

I do like those segments, but they can be pretty torturous if you’re not built for that kind of fight.


THere are some bridges, but none as long as this one. I think the biggest one is probably half this length.

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In this, I mean what else you would couple with it. A labyrinth before? Open field? Servo Skull session? Cypher Session? I hadn’t put thought into it. I saw this hella long bridge and just imagined a gauntlet to reach the end.

Naw its jus a funny way to start an opinion/suggestion, but since you ask idk, the easter eggs added into the game seem interesting so far n not many people know about it. (Not the hidden plasteel). Personally,

this would be awesome. Always loved having to go through a tunnel in the end of the run only for it to be filled to the brim with enemies like we accidentally stubled into the enemy barracks room. But now the tunnels are usually empty and enemies only start spawning when youre midway through the charge. Honestly just want spawn improvement/more enemies. Definitely way too little idle enemies/enemies guarding dead teammates. Many breaks in the hardest difficulties. Allied spawn locations too close, sometimes letting them spawn in the same room they died in.

Long story short, improvements before more content now that we got a bit of content. Ask for too much and we either get nothing, disappointment, or the horns. (ie some Darktide devs leaving for Fatshark secret project)

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Yah, the game’s in a great state rn… I’m excited to see what this itemization update will bring.

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I think a full mission set around a bridge, from start to finish would be quite limiting for gameplay (Enemy spawn points, map reuse).

But having a mission where we have a “bigger” bridge than what we currently have on it’s own isn’t really selling to the idea, maybe having a mission where we have to plant Melta charges, or escorting a Leman Russ on a bridge by opening fortified gates and lowering drawbridges would be a way to spruce it up

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I don’t neccesarily agree. It depends on how much they want the “bridge” part to be focused on in gameplay feel. Because you could have a potentially gargantuan bridge, and the only psrt really emphasizing the “bridge” part is the skybox, and maybe a set piece event that involves the bridge directly, such as maybe blowing part of it up.

Personally even if not the main focus of the level, I would love a section that’s a bridge cluttered with debris and ruins you have to fight over.

I can’t remember the name of it exactly but Payday 2 had a bridge mission I really liked, where you escort a prisoner across a bridge covered in cars and buses, and fight up a tower to extract him. Replicating that feeling would be awesome, but might not work considering how DT’s gameplay flow is different from PD 2s.

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I remember that one!

Yeah Green Bridge, the point was intercepting a prisoner convoy and breaking a dude out.

The reason it worked so well is because it wasn’t just crossing a bridge and made use of the concept to the nth degree (blowing the bridge, sawing through the back of armoured vans, climbing up an area of the bridge still under construction for an air extract, fighting across the final stretch to diving equipment across the bridge).

Honestly having to do something like capture a bridge laying chimera to get over a bridge to retrieve a special package that was being transported via valk would be great. Having heretics being dropped off by valk would be a neat twist.


I liked the moving train (which was at least the size of the Throneside skyway) from Necromunda Hired Gun.


Was excited and than dissapointed when playing, oh god I don’t remember the name of it, the mission with a train at the end in Darktide? That it wasn’t moving or anything.

It’s a possibility something like that wouldn’t be able to work with multiplayer, or that Darktide is already too demanding on systems to have something like that. I’m really not sure.

Ascension Riser has a similar concept, if much slower, but unfortunately since most of the tunnel you are going up is just the same grey wall it doesn’t feel like you’re moving 90% of the time.


Unless their engine is really that much of a total brick (I doubt it) making train levels is surprisingly simple, you just have moving scenery and the train is static basically. My thoughts exactly though, riding a train and fighting through it would’ve been the coolest


Yeah, like the L4D2 Bridge Finale. That was always my favorite map. Would be great the have a Linear map like this with a non stop barrage of enemies until the finish


I mean PD2 had a moving train level and even though it’s not something I would replay a lot it was still a fun bite sized level.

As a note I think the reason why I like PD2’s levels a lot better is because they have a mix of bite sized 5-10 minute fun, normal 20-30 commitments and 40 minute + epics.

You get a lot of freedom to just hop on with friends and decide what you want to tackle. It would be neat to see some mission length variation that includes more punchy bite sized maps with a specific setpiece in mind.


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