Let's get Stormbringer Fall Damage Removed

I come to you just having wiped on Skittergate thanks to fall damage of all things. We were at the very top of the Chaos camp, and during a horde a stormbringer spun three fourths of the team off the highest point of the area (near the third tome, at the permanent ammo box up top).

Everyone took so much fall damage that my public team wiped. I was personally at 100 % health with two grims, and insta-gibbed off the storm as soon as I fell down.

After this experience, I believe the game is random enough with stormbringers putting you in bad spots - my suggestion is, let’s remove fall damage completely as you fall from a stormbringer storm.

There’s no need to take such extra damage.

That’s simply too random. I get falling off a ledge and dying thanks to a storm, but being punished with extra damage after falling a longer distance seems just onerous on top of what is already a fairly damaging - and often unavoidable - attack.


Fatshark should fix their spawn… they often spawn off view/off map.


How about not staying in such areas when there are blightstormers around? Push out into the horde if you must. They are there to prevent people from camping up in a spot to hold out from a horde safely.


There are a number of areas that are prone to nasty things if a storm were to show up. Some would be right off a cliff side. Its best not to linger in these areas.

One time I got tossed off the tower in War Camp. It was a great way to splat.

Gotta side with what other folks are staying… don’t get caught in a storm there! They can throw you off cliffs and into rivers and into various other unfortunate landing areas, that’s what makes them scary and exciting.

I know the spot you’re talking about and there’s pretty much always a blight stormer there. I see a lot of people get rekt because they go rushing in willy-nilly instead of staying back until they can ping and take down the stormer.

While it is somewhat endearing that there are always players willing to offer feedback, help, and criticism of other people’s play, it is in equal parts bothersome that most such commentators simply cannot differentiate between what is

a) a “good” or “preferred” play in the face of a bad mechanic
b) a bad mechanic

This confusion leads to discussion being directed towards a) the wrong point of discussion and b) the wrong target of feedback. This thread is not made to be a tutorial for how to handle stormbringers.

Vermintide 2 remains full of force majeures that lead to unfair wipes. This thread proposes a change that the vast majority of players would never even notice, but one that would remove yet another potential force majure failure state in the game.

If we cannot have a discussion of the pluses and minuses of the actual suggestion without the discussion turning towards the wrong topic (i.e. “git gud”), then the developers are subjected to parsing the thread for actual commentary, which leads to spending extra time and attention parsing the discussion.

So far, I am yet to see anybody argue against the suggestion or propose changes. I recommend you to consider how much this suggestion would affect your gameplay when we keep in mind that falling off the map would still remain a relevant threat.

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It’s a rare occurrence. It’s just exacerbated by all the other bugs there are right now. Without that sort of thing to laugh at, vermintide wouldn’t be vermintide… The problem is a lot of us are being chased by a buggy ai director right now so it’s hard to laugh in general. Personally, I’d rather this stay in the game so long as the other bugs are fixed. There are only a few places this can actually affect anyone.

Fine, I’ll argue against it: Don’t change it, because that would make getting caught in the storms more of a trivial annoyance. Heck if there was no fall damage I’d probably dive headfirst into a storm to escape a horde and lead them in after me.

It’s a freakin tornado, it should be dangerous and be capable of wrecking your s*** if you get sucked into it.

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I would appreciate no Horde spawns after exiting the gate.
Not really fun to get shredded while your screen is still dark.

You also shouldnt lose momentum in mid jump just because you aim.

So everyone agrees , storms , including their fall damage , are fine ? Yep,great, okay me too :slight_smile:

the storm mechanic is awesome. if you get caught in it, it’s bad and should be avoided at all costs becuase it damages you so badly and throws you into wierd spots, off cliffs included. it can also be used to wipe out an incoming horde. it has fair warning given and blightstormers are so loud and annoying with their rhyming (in a good way) and they can be killed with a decent ranged guy (if they’re not hiding behind walls)

sorry, i don’t agree with OP, it’s mechanically well designed and should remain as it is.

solution = don’t get caught in it.


It just doesn’t sound unfair to me at all, the avoidable storm capitalized on poor positioning. I don’t think it’s a bad mechanic at all, it’s no different from being punched off the map by an ogre. It’d be very noticable to me if I was flung off a cliff and shrugged it off. I think it’s much better as-is.

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The best fix would be to prevent BStormers from casting their stuff through walls, so you have a few seconds to kill him in casting animation before he teleports, likely behind walls where you can only kill him with Pyro/WH specials.
Removing fall damage seems weird. I think it should be there, because it’s fairly harmless otherwise. At least sometimes it should be a big threat, you know, it’s kinda fun running from a tornado that can actually kill you.

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IF you remove storm damage i’d charge headlong into it with whatever bad guys are after me, sparing me from a pummeling and shooting them into the distance.

the OP was saying to remove FALL damage after the bs storm, not the poison ticks you get (which is mad crazy painful in legend)