Let us equip another weapon in the second weapon slot Like the Slayer dwarf

Great Idea right ? game changer

Why? Ranged weapons are important to kill specials. Slayer is given this option solely due to lore reasons and as well to balance the class, since he happens to be a melee specialist, it is simply what he does and it differentiates him from every other career. Giving everyone that option lessens that uniqueness.

And again, why? I don’t think anyone would do this, except for the funny Twitch-memes of ‘melee’ only runs.


Alright, I’ll bite. First, it’d destroy anything special that Slayer has. Part of his shtick is that he’s melee only, using only bombs and himself as a ranged tool. Two melee weapons is part of his specialty. If everyone is allowed that, the specialty goes away.

Second, and far more serious, point is that it’d destroy game balance. Why balance between horde-clearing and armor damage when you can pick a weapon for both? Why would Shade (for example) even need a ranged weapon, as she has her stealth to deal with the immediate threats of Specials (and other things), while having a free choice of both a magnificent horde-clearing weapon and a magnificent single-target weapon, without needing to worry about either one’s weaknesses? Or what about an Unchained who could deal with hordes using Sword or Flame Sword, and pull out the Crowbill for anything else?

That leads to a third point: It would reduce or change a lot of the skill requirements in the higher difficulties. While good melee skills are needed to survive in Legend, it’s not the only thing that’s useful. You also need to be able to change weapons reflexively, and do hip-shots (or even aimed ones) on ranged weapons in the middle of intense combat. You need to deal with different threats (horde, Elites, Bosses, even Specials) at the same time using your melee weapon. Getting rid of your ranged weapon both gets rid of the first aspect, and trivialises the second.

So it might be cool, but it’d break a lot of things. There’s a reason the mod that allows it stays on the modded realm.


Yes it is terrible, and that is why a nerf to the Axe and Falchion is well deserved. But also this is completely off-topic to even your own thread.


you right , my bad

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