Let me hear enemy thoughts when I lock on for a brain burst

I’d love to ‘hear’ the thoughts of the enemy that I’m about to pop.

It could be as simple as removing the spatialization on any sound the targeted enemy makes so it doesn’t sound like they’re far away but they’re ‘in’ your head instead.

Even better would be enemy specific ‘thoughts’ Like scabs being bitter about the fringe wars or enemy ogryns thinking about eating the loyalist they’re about to kill. Pox walkers could just be insane screaming or snipers thinking of some litany to Nurgle as they line up their shots. “In grandfathers name - BANG”. That would actually let the player act upon the enemies thoughts.


Thats the best idea not me have ever come up with, boy i hope they do add it.

Great idea would make locking on to what you want much clearer.

I would probably go for a very clear instant “WHO IS THERE” or “GET OUT OF MY HEAD” “PAPA” “groining” in a certain a voice.

Then you instantly know what you have locked to and as you continue you get a bunch of different voice lines after but the first .5 seconds is instantly recognisable.

it might get tiresome if it is constant and some lines will inevitably repeat a lot, but it is a great idea they could make it happen sometimes at random.
Imagine a sniper going “shoot the psycher shoot the spycher shoot the psycher NOOOO-” as he dies, it would be very very satisfying.


“Did I leave the oven on?”. . . . . POP!

“Man, I’m not myself when I’m hungry, I need a Snickers.” . . . . . POP!

“She said yes! She said yes!!! This is the Happiest Day of my-*” . . . . . POP!

“Wait a minute… This is a cult! I gotta lea”-POP

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Fantastic idea +1!

"Oh hello little human - you really shouldn’t have come here… " -POP, you’re on overheat.