Legend need some tuning in terms of spawning hordes

Legend is indeed a particularly hard mode and i can accept that and i am fine with it.

However, i feel like the game director has in its quest to create a difficult experience completely disregarded all what could be considered realistic.

The hordes that spawn in legend are a good example of this, being in alone in a room and suddenly in the blink of an eye share that room with 50 rats is not very fun, it doesnt even feel like it has anything to do with difficulty more so than the game just arbitrariy deciding that you are going to die right then and there.

To prevent something like this i suggest that the hordes only be allowed to spawn some distance away from any player character.

Suprising nobody i am writing this after almost completing a legend run of “Into the Nest”, we had just ridden the gondola away from the boss and as soon as we enter the first empty room after leaving the gondola, in the blink of an eye we have 50 rats surrounding us, all of which hit us at the same time, downing all of us.

Im fine with legend being difficult but im not fine with it being silly.

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