Leader board

Make a leader board of the following:
1: Time played
2: Kills

  • Sub group the kills into
  • rats
  • storm vermin
  • beserkers
  • Etc
    3: Dmg delt
    4: deaths
    5: Dmg taken
    6: etc etc

much rather they just removed it entirely.


I meant an official one on the forum

No. There’s already enough competitiveness in this cooperative game, when some people compete on who gets the most (in fact mostly meaningless) green circles. All of that just promotes individual play, reducing the cooperation aspect.

It could be done as an event, with probably additional, global goals set, but as a constant thing, absolutely not.


That might be the case and I’m not disagreeing but it could prove to be something people would strive for ie: “end game content”

That’s not a leader board that’s a “who has the no life and is willing to mindlessly grind” board.


Thats exactly what the game is now without a leaderboard

I wouldn’t mind seeing a global leaderboard on the website. Could even add in Daily Leaderboards, maybe if you manage to make it to the daily leaderboard you get a portrait or something. I played a lot of korean MMOs back in the day, and games like starcraft where this kind of thing is the normal. You even get placed in tiers depending on your skill. I think it’s a good idea.

yeah so did i. the scoreboard is in my mind hte largest reason so many people play soo poorly , and given vast swathes of the playerbase completely inacurate views on power and usefulness and skill.

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