Last Stand Suggestions and Changes

Hi there

my ideas to enhance Last Stand and add it to V2:

Not Endless,
5 waves for Recruit
10 for Veteran
15 for Chapion
30 for Legend

A commendation chest after 5 waves plus the normal reward.

Maps similar to Righteous Stand , Athel Yenlui, The Pit and the secnd part of The pit.

Day- Night Cycle
Dead characters respawn and have to be rescued after the wave ends.
New simple objectives, activate objects like catapults or cannons or transport objects and the other characters have to protect them.

The new special skills would make the new Last Stand very fun.

Pleas add it eventually!

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

(Everyone is free to add me to play LS in V1 btw)

A lot of diversity could be added with mutators like this. I really like the players will respawn after horde clear EXCEPT that hordes sometimes never clear.

Also yes day night cycle except… maps are designed to look and feel good, lighting is part of that. Day night cycle is much harder than it sounds.

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