Last Shot talent for Bounty Hunter

You can only use this talent when you use your very last shot, and not when you have to reload. This seems like a really, really bad talent to me, if the bonus is something you will only receive once in awhile, or only a few times in one match. Does anybody use this?

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Would be better on RV, suiting his throwing axe playstyle.


That’s because it is a very bad talent. Now wait for the clowns to show up telling you otherwise with their illogical drivel.

This ‘balance’ patch will be fun though. Tons of new broken builds to play with.

Edit: Should clarify up front in case you didn’t know, if the last shot restores ammo through Scrounger or melee kill reload (aka your final shot kills an elite), last shot power still procs despite you getting ammo back, and the power boost even affects your ranged attacks during its 15 seconds duration.

Long story short no, the uptime is pretty bad with a lot of micromanaging, plus needing melee kill reload as well to function at all (meaning you give up DR). It is a pretty potent buff though, and the damage part at least does apply to the last shot itself. It also increases ranged cleave while it’s up, allowing the volley bow to reclaim some of its cleave.

It could do with a duration increase to be worthwhile IMO. Also changing melee kill reload to generate ammo on special kills as well as elite kills would make this build function much better. Can potentially lead to pretty huge melee and ranged damage boosts combined with Hunter, and weapon swap buff (pity that talent doesn’t work properly), but at the moment it’s way too finicky to be worth it.

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