Last Hotfix made things worse?

I really dont know. The last patch made me and my friends happy. Specials seems normal, Bosses and Weapons got nerfed and buffed, feels all good.
Then came the French Hotfix and it all seems to be chaotic as hell. Specials spawn like playing a deed, 4 Disablers at the same time, all the time…bosses, hords, patrols and 4 specials…that is not much fun.

And then that things…using self heal with killing bosses on deeds and the screen has strange colours, using Slayer ulti and you are almost blind many times, horde music doesnt stop, and so on.
Yesterday was the first time we all felt like its on a good way and enjoyed it and now it even feels worse then before, because the stuff just dont work. Ratlings shooting through walls in Dresdunkel mine…yeah, sooooo important that Saltzpyre has a old line again.
I am for immersion really much, but fixing the game is more important.

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