Lack incitament to keep playing

At the moment my veteran is level 30. I have the cosmetics, penants and gear I want. The Sir Melks (or whatever his name is) emporium just have downgrades.

Whenever I look at the maps there is an awful much of the same old. The one I would like to play have not shown up in the rotation for a while. So what now? What the incitament for me to play?

I would like to see an option to choose the maps myself at least with difficulty. Maybe a gamemode like holding a defensive position for rewards.

Without the teleportspawn behind me.

All in all I love the game. But I am a bit bored at the moment.


Same here, though I don’t quite have all the stuff I want, I have enough.

The inability to just pick the missions I want to play is a real downside for me. At least if I could play through every mission in some kind of order, as in VT2, it would give me some purpose in playing.

Right now playing alts, or playing with friends, is the only thing interesting. And those will wane.


Worst thing is I might only have 1 hour that day to play and then I get 0 maps I want and just can’t try any new content till the week end.

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The lack of a custom mission select (And private lobbies, so I can tackle high difficulties exclusively with people I know) is beyond baffling.

There’s no way to tally what missions you’ve done and at which difficulty either.

So you can’t really approach the game from a challenge perspective unless you manually tally your completion elsewhere.

Which I thought the whole point of the progression system was to build up your arsenal to better tackle high difficulty levels?