Kruber's and Sienna's One Handed Sword

This weapon while fine and workable is overshadowed by the rest of Kruber’s weapons. Credits to Sleazy for the idea. Here are some suggestions:

  • Increase it’s monster damage. Most of Kruber’s/Sienna’s melee weapons lack monster damage. This is one niche that it could fill.

  • A small amount of armour headshot damage for the push attack is another thing that would help reinforce a defensive niche.

  • Four dodges would bring it’s mobility properly and fully above Kruber’s other weapons. This would give it an advantage over the Firesword for Sienna.

What are everyone else’s thoughts?

Edit: I’d also like to see a baseball bat illusion for it, with the Fantastic Four logo printed on it to match it’s light attack pattern.

Edit 2: I’d also like to note that the third light now does less damage to monsters than light 1 & 2 for some reason in the beta.


I kinda view 1h sword like the equivalent of falchion, idk which weapon has better stats (i assume falchion) so they could copy them.

Adding monster damage doesnt make a weapon better or more desirable. That was FSs past approach to give Bardins Greataxe meaning and it failed.

I dont think the 1h Sword has an actual place. The GS has, for a Kruber weapon, great mobility and hands you all the wave clear you need. Even a massive amount of Stamina and some extra dodges wont make 1h Sword a better pick for a cata map.

It either needs to get a complete makeover that puts it into the realm of what the elgi 1h sword is able to do, which would probably make it clash really hard with the Longsword, or we just forget about it in cata and concede thats its a good weapon for Legend and below, but not for mixed waves. The later would be a shame.

The issue for 1h sword is that it isnt a great main weapon. It can be used decently on huntsman, ranged careers (even though most of siennas staffs deal better with hordes) or grail knight.

I don’t know how you could improve it for Kruber. At least for the Pyromancer and Unchained it doesn’t really need anything better though, as their perks that increase critical chance and power turns it into a weapon of mass destruction so that it’s always a top pick for me; but unfortunately, for Kruber’s careers it’s pretty mundane when he has better options for crowd control, elite slaying, and overall damage.

Further increasing its HS multiplier could be another avenue.

Another would be to tone down some of the other options that crowd it out currently:

  1. Greatsword’s mobility with heavy attacks is a bit too high, making it more mobile than 1h sword currently.
  2. Mace & sword with Linesman on heavies have about the same hordeclear as 1h swords, except M&S also has very good AP and mobility on top, which also makes the 1h sword redundant.

These are the 2 most prominent ones that do what 1h sword does but better/with extra bonuses. Personally I’d like both the Finesse modifier increased further to make headshotting its way of dealing better with armour and rewarding skill, as well as bringing the mobility down on greatsword and taking Linesman away from M&S heavies.

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The whole 1h Sword is redundant. Even removing the added movement from the GS would not secure a place, since the extra killing power, reach and heavy linesman of the GS more than outweigh the tiny amount of extra dodge reach the 1h sword offers.

Further putting money into even more headshot multiplier wouldnt change much and I also woulndt call it something that requires skill when the charge attacks are just straight horizontal lines.

There is a working 1h sword in the game that just gets overshadowed by the absolute power of the other weapons in the elgi arsenal and I dont quite get why Krubers and Siennas 1h Sword need to get pressed into that “more mobility than GS, but less cleave and damage” niche that clearly has no advantage what so ever.

It’s less attack moveslow (if GS’s is brought back down) as well as dodge range, more stamina too. “More mobility than GS but less cleave and damage” definitely has an advantage, depending on circumstance. There’s also more nuanced details when comparing the 2 such as incremental damage vs burst (1h sword’s attacks are faster), and the damage of 1h sword I think isn’t as bad as you’re making out. You can kill a Cata SV in 3-4 hits, which on top of being one of the fastest hordeclearing weapons, this is by no means poor.

I don’t think I’d take it, even with the monster damage. Sienna has plenty of staves for that purpose, and kruber has better options too.

What if they did to the overhead attack what they did for Falchion, and change its profile to a something with much better armor damage? I don’t think it would be OP, because no matter what you do, Light 3 is gonna be the 3rd hit in an attack chain for that weapon so you have to earn it. But, at least then heavy1>heavy2>Light3 would have greater impact vs armor while still being much worse at it than elf sword or falchion.

You should give it a try. Beam staff or bolt staff + 1h sword is nuts on wiz with hunter of course. And 40% crit Bc of soft cap caused by pseudo random. Then you can take either 15% attack speed with bolt or ride the fire + deathly dissipation with beam. Both really good builds.

Edit: I don’t think they’ll make that big of a change to 1h sword. Also, I’m fine with it being a weapon you only use on some careers. Plenty of weps to go around on other careers.

Yeah, me too. I’m not much of a Sienna fan and Kruber has too many weapons I like better to stress much about 1h sword. Just spitballing possibilities I guess.

I agree that they need a buff, but my favourite idea is this: their push should consume only 1 stamina (half shield) and/or push-attack should have the same profile as an heavy attack.

The damage they do (considering they are 1h weapons) is good… but imho they need a little more survivability.

This is something I expect from axes. Except if the value is extremely low. What are its current damage stats in BBB? No armory mod, you know…

Why not?

Ah, Sleezy changed his mind about its mobility.
This absolutely fits to a single sword. And a high but not superb dodge bonus. No idea about the current %, I would give it 20%.

It might get even extra crit chance for some attacks.

What annoys me is actually the stats of the elven sword are completely different from this one.

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It’s entire light combo (which gives it’s highest monster damage) deals acceptable damage. A little under half of the damage comes from light 3 (on live that is). It can be difficult to land the entire combo on a monster unless someone else has it’s aggro, and light 1 & 2 don’t do enough damage against monsters.

I’d also like to note that the third light now does less damage to monsters than light 1 & 2 for some reason in the beta.

It’s current dodge distance is 20%, which is funny, because it has less mobility than the current beta version of the Axe & Falchion.

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It could be 25% then.
A&F with 25% is strange.

The A&F also has 20% distance sorry, but it has four dodges while the 1h Sword has 3.

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