Kruber Spear and Shield Thoughts?

I personally love the weapon and I thought it was a complete game changer weapon… I used it on Foot Knight and I loved that I could consider every single one of his unique talents. Push attack to spam out temp, charge, light attacks with Bull of Osland, block + alt attack on elites. If anything is a little weak it’s the charge attack which I think is only the case because charge attacks don’t scale well with extra attack speed, which is a universal problem not necessarily related to this weapon.

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A higher stagger limit but lower cleave/damage limit than lights.
They’re good at staggering maulers, bestigors and stormvermin at least; light 1 & 2 are better at staggering savages & monks oddly enough.

Not sure how I feel about moving the stab to heavy 1, I quite like push attack > light 2 > heavy 3/stab.
Heavy 2 could do with an AP headshot buff.
(It does maybe 2 - 3 more damage than a push attack/shielded poke)

The actual attack is reasonable but the recovery time feels dreadfully slow.

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Killiest shield weapon in the game and maybe the only shield weapon that’s fine to use on Merc. Its horde clear is ludicrous, but also inline with Kruber’s inappropriate use of spears as extra long clubs (I’m convinced he could turn a broom handle into an instrument of destruction at this point).

My sincerest condolences to Mace and Shield and his family, I know long term unemployment is a dreadful challenge, but with luck he might find opportunity with Bardin and the Hammer and Shields


Minor necro on my part, but for reference and for the sake of public knowledge, its horde dps is around about Kruber’s second highest with 2x Light > Block Cancel, only beaten by Mace and Sword and tailed by the 1h Sword (yes Greatsword is not the highest, I know it’s very sad). The testing was rough but it really is quite high.

Funnily enough the full light chain is its highest/most consistent monster dps. No use of the heavies, not even the Heavy Stab. Seems to be because of Swift Slaying uptime combined with similar monster damage between lights and heavies. Best armour dps seems to be headshotting with Push Attack > Light > Heavy Stab or Push Attack > 2x Light.

The heavy overhead is oddly weak, dealing 2/3 the damage of the heavy stab on armour bodyshot, 3/7 on armour headshot (the heavy overhead was tested on dummies, everything else on enemies).


I like the weapon and its combos, though I barely ever use the stabby ones (L3 H2 & H3) and the block special attack is underwhelming to me compared to its cost.
The THP on stagger generation is amazing, and the two light sweeps are very good horde controllers/clearers. I also like H1 > L2 for denser or mixed hordes.

Some blocks and block cancels are janky sometimes. I think it is a similar issue to the one I have with the bretsword, where the game waits for the animation to end before entering block ; though I’m having a harder time replicating it.

Also, is there a way to get Dantov’s Guard illusion outside of CW ? :open_mouth:

I was a little disappointed that Kruber didn’t get a new range weapon, but the spear and shield is the only shielded weapon worth using as Kruber, it’s fantastic on the FK. It has great cleave, range, blocking power and decent AP power.

I’ve actually grown to really love it. I never liked any of Krubers shieled weapons until now.

Like, really?
It is the best Shield weapon for Krub IMHO.
It has a nice horde viability.
it has simple moveset - no diagonal strikes, which I don’t fancy
It has easy combos.
And as a bonus it has the special attack, which is just a cherry on top. Also it is quite useful unlike rapier’s pistol.
I’m not sure I’ll be using it a lot on any krub careers tho’, cause there’re just so many other strong alternatives.

Please don’t. If we follow this way we’ll have no career-specific weapons.

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Yeah, I played around with it more and basically found that the light, push, and special attacks are good, I rarely find myself using the heavy attacks. However, my issue is also that everyone else got brand new weapons that look incredible, while Kruber’s spear/shield has already been done in the game and even copies some of the elven spear/shield animations and attack patterns. It just feels shallow and unoriginal. It’s almost as if they know Krub is the least played so they don’t work as hard on him, and they do stuff like copy weapons from other characters and leave the broken GK voice lines in the game (at least the GK lines weren’t fixed last time I checked).

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