Kruber 2h hammer

As this weapon is heavy and big, then is slow and strong. As its dodge and range count are so ridiculous… it shouldn’t have more stamina and push and block angle?
Sorry, I know my english is a :poop:

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It’s one of those weapons that dominates games if you master it, but feels weak and underpowered if you don’t. Trust me, it really doesn’t need buffed. There’s a lot of skill and timing involved in using it, to compensate for how exposed it leaves you. On the other hand, it’s stagger and damage are excellent, so you can stop the enemies from having a chance to hit you in first place. It’s a high risk/reward weapon and probably one of the top 2 or 3 in the game, in the right hands at least.

Also, Kruber and Bardin’s 2h Hammer are identical for what it’s worth.

Some tricks you may not know:
You can block cancel after every swing to stop the follow through, and get much more mobility.
You can block cancel to spam the first 1 or 2 light attacks for great headshot DPS.
You can sweep your mouse along with the heavy swings to get 180 degrees of cleave or more.
Headshots will stagger everything, even Berserkers in mid attack.
You can interrupt every CW attack except their overhead, and stunlock them to death if you get a hit in before they start it.
You can stunlock entire SV patrols with the Heavy attacks, making them trivial for your team to kill them.

It works in many builds, but I suggest trying it with +block/push angle gear, which helps you create space to wind up the heavy swings. Once you’re wound up, nothing will be getting close enough to matter.


Dominates? No for sure not, its way to slow to dominate, its good to kill armored units but you can do same thing with most of his 2h weapons (only difference would be killing chaos warrior thats are alone)
Its staggers is great but its damage is laughable.

Alone patrol is ease with nearly all weapons, but with how bad mobility is on 2hd its death sentence if you have more stuff coming than only patrol.


I agree with @RandomLurker , I use it a lot, great weapon, takes a lot to master. But once you do, everything dies. 2h hammer ignores super armour, so you can take down CWs pretty easily. And as he said, stun lock SV patrols. But, I just can’t bring myself to use anything else but the Ex Sword on Kruber… So the 2h hammer really only sees action on bardin for me. It’s probably a good idea to throw attack speed on charm and weapon to make up for it’s slow attack patterns.

2h sword on Merc is fantastic for Onslaught and what we call onslaught+.
I actually prefer 2h sword over exec for onslaught.
Charged attacks on 2h sword are so friggin good.
On onslaught with all the armor mixed into the horde…charged attacks all day work wonders.
Decent mobility too.

It doesnt really shine on official like it does on modded.
A bit off topic sorry.

I was a halberd player but when I tried the hammer I falled in love with it. So now, I only play in legend with hammer and I havent problems with it, so I think I have mastered the use of hammer. Its the funnies weapon in the game. It remember me Sauron in The Lord of the Rings.

One on one, there isn’t problem at all. The problems comes when you are alone. in front a big horde. Yes you can swing with a big range, but the swing stop your move, plus little range and count dodge… is very easy to be surrounded.

I understand that I can’t dance with a hammer in my hands, but for the same reasons that I can’t dance around the rats, the weapon should have more push block angle and or estamina. Remember that swing stage every thing, but kill a little, so you surely have to make a second round of hits.

This is not a crying post, only thoughts about the weapon. Im very happy with it and I’ll keep playing with my lovely hammer LOL

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