KNOWN ISSUE: Performance Issues After Path of Redemption Update

I have reinstalled the game. It has fixed the performance issues that i was having. Im using dlss quality and frame generation. I have disabled ray tracing. Resolution set to 1920x1080 and im using the high preset.

The game frequently drops to 30-40 fps. I don’t know why this happens, but it’s clear that the game isn’t utilizing the full potential of the CPU and GPU (probably only using 1/3 to 1/2 of their capacity). Is this issue unique to AMD platforms?

CPU: R7 5700X
GPU: RX 6750XT
RAM: DDR4 3200MHZ 16GB
Resolution set to 2560x1440, enabled AMD FSR2, sharpening set to 1.0, texture set to highest, ambient occlusion set to medium, lighting set to medium, and all other settings set to low.

Attachment 1 shows a screenshot of the performance monitoring when there are no frame drops.
Attachment 2 shows a screenshot of the performance monitoring during inexplicable frame drops.

Hey there !

I have almost the same problem with Ryzen 7 5800x and RX 7800 XT…
I am convinced there is a big performance issue with AMD platforms…
Especially since the 2024 drivers… : /

Getting extremely poor performance (5-15 fps) after some time in game. This can happen either during the first mission or latest when loading into the Mourningstar after the mission.
This happens 100% of the time I play the game, making it unplayable. The performance in the few minutes before this happens is very smooth. It is like a switch is flipped from good to awful with no in-between.

This issue started occuring either with the last hotfix before the penance update or with the penance update as far as I can tell.

My specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 7600X
32gb RAM
latest drivers

The experimental Beta did not solve this issue unfortunately. Even after a short test mission (less than 10 minutes in game), loading into the Mourningstar tanked the frame-rate again.

You can significantly improve performance issues by using the driver released by AMD in December 2023, provided you are willing to revert to an older version. Here is the download link:


The update that was installed today did nothing to improve gameplay. Actually, it made it WORSE than previous versions. I did not add the direct storage parameter, but I will try this. Needless to say, gameplay was horrific.

Frames continually dropped below 30 FPS.
During battle as Ogryn, I sliced the head off of a trapper, and I was still trapped. After being revived, you could see the parts of the trapper. I also shot a ranger in the head and yet, he took no damage. This upset the team, and everyone left the game as it was stuttering and people getting downed without any visible clue as to what was going on.

I added the direct_storage parameter to the config file. The game did play better, but not perfect. There still was some stuttering.

My take: It’s time for Darktide II using the Unity or Unreal engine.

I played for a few more hours today. The game is HORRIBLE. I can walk through my teammates. I can’t walk through enemies, but they can spawn on top as if I was inside of them of me killing me almost instantly. The game is horribly broken and it’s no longer fun to play. My teammates were watching trappers and crushers appear as if I was swallowed by them. This wasn’t in the last build that I’m aware of. The game in this condition is no longer fun to play.

After the Hotfix #39 update, there are severe performance issues regardless of using AMD’s old drivers or the latest drivers. The game experiences significant frame drops, making it unplayable. Can you please optimize the game’s performance before releasing new content updates? From browsing the forums, I’ve found that not only AMD users but also NVIDIA users are facing various performance problems. I don’t know if the issue lies with the game engine or if there hasn’t been adequate performance optimization on your part.

Game started to be fun again, so I played it for a while. Since Redemption patch game performance dropped to sub 30 fps whereas I had constant 60fps. Why are you guys breaking the game every single time it starts to make fun again?
Seriously enraged by now…

Contrary to other posts here, the latest update (30.05.2024.) actually fixed my issues! I am still enrolled in the beta if that makes any difference.

Doing a lot better performance and sound wise. No stuttering on my end w Beta and modified ini/settings file posted here. Thank you.

i7 6700k


16gb ram

750W PSU

Game installed to m.2 SSD

The game was working until today. Playing Psyker with brain burst ability SUCKED. Every time I Tried to do brain burst lagged out at 18 FPS. It wasn’t only me; it was the entire team. We were getting downed at least every 30 seconds due to lag. Eventually, everyone bailed.
This game is an embarrassment. Maybe it’s net code, maybe it’s direct _storage, maybe it’s a horrific outdated game engine that can’t handle RTX 30+ video cards. I don’t suspect the game engine as Helldivers is using it and I’m getting 320+ FPS. Maybe it’s the code behind the game engine. Perhaps it’s the game server that doesn’t have enough bandwidth or horsepower. I’m thinking there’s a good chance that it’s all of the above. There are 7,191 users connected via Steam. Perhaps the servers can’t handle the load. I normally play early AM (US TIME) and there’s no issue, but then again, there are approximately 3200 people online.

we have some telemetry on the release branch reporting stalls longer than 1 s, perhaps we need to lower this to see your issues. But you can manually upload a log from %APPDATA%fatshark/darktide/console_logs from a session with bad performance since we do print stalls in the logs for tracking these issues.

only thing i’ve seen been reported is performance regarding creation of ray tracing shaders, which is easy to test by disabling ray tracing.

To echo Axloss above, for anyone still experiencing performance and audio issues e.g. stutters, please switch to the Experimental Build as per the instructions above, or if this has previously not helped - can you please try doing so again.

If issues persist while on the Experimental Build, please upload your console log from that session to us as it’ll be a great help for us to see.

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs
  4. Locate the console log that corresponds with the session in which the issue occurred, by looking at the timestamps in the log names

Thanks in advance!

Both changes gave me more lag. I was getting 1-4 FPS with both.

Without them, I’m still only getting 20FPS in the ship lobby.

Other info:

With no changes (fresh install, no mods, lowest settings):

console-2024-06-06-12.54.18-8ba4a953-b65a-493c-8284-a1a04b52c35b.log (483.0 KB)

Part 2 change:

console-2024-06-06-14.40.24-017e67e5-b4b0-4cf1-89cc-cd55a2ced035.log (379.2 KB)

Part 3 change:

console-2024-06-06-14.45.33-9e40d1a4-bf24-4ce1-82f9-900d82153807.log (689.1 KB)

I get better FPS without the experimental patch. The game is still stuttery though. Getting sitting at about 20 FPS in-game.

For me the last few days, gameplay has been somewhat better, but I would still rate it a 4.5 out of 10. The biggest issue is slowness. I’m averaging 102 FPS which isn’t too bad if I was playing a game from the 1990’s with simple screen draws.

Turning down graphic settings and Ray Tracing made things visibly worse for me. The maps with Fog or the green smoke, you might as well cover the screen in pure white or green. Over the weekend, I strained my eyes so bad trying to see through the fog, I ended up having to visit the optomologist in which I had to get a prescription to reduce the swelling of my eyeballs. WHAT I SAID? Yes, I strained my eyes so bad that they became enlarged. Now after spending $360 for the Dr appointment and to my SHOCK, $600 for a bottle of eye drops, I’m quitting in game if the map includes fog. It needs to be turned down so players can see through the fog, or the ability to turn it off in the settings. I have it set to LOW and I still can’t see through it. The same when a team mate (specially Ogryn) has the bombs and when he shoots, you see nothing but smoke in front of you. I’m sure it’s a great effect, but it’s to extremes in this game.

Game is just unplayable for me at this point.

  • Guide to reduce lag
  • Lowest possible settings in-game
  • Lowest/Performance optimization in NVIDIA control panel

I can still only get 20-30 FPS and it’s not playable FPS either, it’s constantly stuttering.

I can play V2, and other stuff on ultra and have no issues whatsoever.

All weekend long the game was “OK”. I was averaging 114 FPS with no lag. Today however, the game was pure S**T. Lag like crazy. FPS dropping to 0. The whole team was complaining about it. My wife asked mee to stop playing the game until it’s fixed because I spend most of the game swearing and yelling at the computer. Either my marriage days are numbered or my days playing Darktide is numbered.


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Pardon my rudeness, but my patience have been worn out with this game. It FKING SUCKS!! Lagging and constant getting killed is not my idea of fun. I’m really tired of getting lagged out, then when the screen finally comes up, I’m either getting bashed by a crusher, surrounded by a heard a mutant is throwing me off the map, a trapper gets me and when the lagging stops, I’m flamed and trapped at the same time only to die instantly. What’s even more BULLST is being thrown in to the Demonhost by some object sight unseen due to lag. This may be considered fun by some, but to me it’s BULLS**T.

If I was the project manager of this development team, they would be like the Blizzard developers, unemployed. I probably would hire them as Overwatch worked, unlike Darktide.