KNOWN ISSUE: Performance Issues After Path of Redemption Update

Doing as such now stops the game from even launching. The Fatshark launcher comes up, hit click, and it then immediately crashes, giving me the option for a crash report. There are no mods enabled.

Likely also worth noting that after every crash, the user.config file reverts back to its previous version, deleting the pasted changes, despite saving it manually each time.

GUID: 8803f26f-1eff-48a0-9448-0db770b90232
Log File:
Info Type:

I hope it gets fixed soon mate

Pre experimental build: unplayable.10 fps or less.
After Part 2: Improved fps to mid twenties, but now has a noticeable lag/stutter between actions and effects. EX: I will see the hit effect of a crusher power hit on screen, but enemies don’t react and fall down until a near full second later.
Part 3: Back to normal FPS for me in the 45+ range, but the lag/stutter is still present. Not fun to play when actions don’t register as expected.

All I can say is that this patch will put this particular Reject on the sidelines until it gets fixed.

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Thank you so much. It worked. I can play Darktide and serve the Emperor once more. Interesting fact. The game rewrites the user_settings.config. As I started the game today the lince “enabled = true” and “disable_bypass_io = true” have been changed

This is freaky… I added the lines into the .config file. I wanted to try the other setting: direct_storage = { enabled = false } and the original text that I pasted was missing.

After further testing: The code that I pasted in gets deleted when the game is shut down. Shouldn’t this be permanent?


Most operatives performance have improved. However, FPS does drop many times during gameplay. My average FPS is 130 which is poor IMO, but it’s not stuttering EXCEPT for when there’s many flames (barrels, enemies , some Psyker builds or Zealots with flame thrower). I created a Zealot build with the flame gun and things did stutter when flaming hoards. The FPS dropped to 48 which is unacceptable for First Person Shooters.

Overall Evaluation so far:
Does it improve game play: Yes
Does it improve Frames Per Second? In most cases, yes, but 140 FPS is still unacceptable compared to most games:

More testing to come during Peak afternoon play.

MSI Z690 Motherboard, MSI RTX 3080 ReBar enabled. Intel i9 Processor, 32GB DDR 5 memory @6000, NVME on PCI 4 @ 7000 Read / Write.

Analysis after 10+ hours of gameplay.

I found more stuttering as the servers became busy. I don’t know if this is a graphic problem, but I can not be uncertain as something removes the direct_storage entry from the .config file. When I started the game today, the entry was in the config file, and once I started the game, the entry was gone again. I don’t know if the game code actually read the new info in the config file. Today during game play, the FPS dropped to 9 FPS. This happened when there was hoards of along with hoards of hounds and the entire team is fighting them off. Therefore I question, is this NET_CODE or screen draw or a combination of BOTH?

If you change operative, and the game restarts (which is another issue), the entries are no longer in the .config file. Did this happen when the game started as noted above or did the entries get removed when a new operative was selected?

The beta has overall improved gameplay but not 100%. I would say it’s 90% better, but at times the game is still unplayable.

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Sunday 5/19/2024

Today gameplay was impossible. When there were too many dogs, fog, and hoards all at the same time, my FPS dropped to 8 frames per second. After 2 rounds, I quit the game as it was unplayable.

There’s still a lot of work to do to improve the gameplay.

direct_storage = {
enabled = false

This has improved gameplay somewhat. FPS is 108 - 145 and I experienced one lag during gameplay.

Well… still fps drop here…
it varies from 60-130fps constantly…

I have a solid 100-120fps on BF 2042 on ultra…

Monday 5/2024

Today’s games were as horrible as Saturday. I’m testing direct_storage { enabled = false } I was still getting lag during game play. I did some further investigation on my network thinking that might be an issue.

My current results on my network are the following:

Device (Computer)

Ping to ISP gateway 3.2 ms
Jitter 0.256 ms
Download 928 Mbps
Upload 917 Mbps


Download 968 Mbps
Upload 917 Mbps

I’m at a loss.


Today’s update seems to work but it introduced a new bug. Now to use (Press E) you need to get much closer if not on top of the item to use. There are times when I’m at a med station or pick up ammo, and I need to move around in order for the little pop up to come to the screen so (E) will work. Perhaps the use radius needs to be increased.

Gameplay using direct_storage = {
enabled = true
disable_bypass_io = true
force_file_buffering = true
force_mapping_layer = false
is much better today as I had no stuttering. However, FPS is still on the low side. At best in the Mourningstar I can get 140 FPS. During game play it would range between 100 and 110.
When the game is loading the FPS is 225, so I know the engine can produce a decent framerate.
The other issue of this block of direct_storage options does not persist in the .config file. Therefore it needs to be re-entered before playing.

Not new to this build, to tag an item isn’t consistent. You need to press T multiple times before it registers. The verbal clue is only available about half the time after tagging an item or enemy.

5/21/2024 PM

I found an issue with the latest build. If you edit the .CONFIG file, then in steam launch the application then start the game, gameplay is HORRIBLE. I found that launching the application from Steam will remove the direct_storage settings from the .CONFIG file. What I needed to do is start the application from Steam, and BEFORE I press PLAY, edit the .CONFIG file. Gameplay is fine minus low FPS (100 - 110)

We have been made aware of a crash that can occur on startup for AMD users, when using the experimental build.


Hestia’s Decollation Crusade Update
This update even with the experimental build is horrible. During large battles specially the final battle the lag is horrific. I’ve seen my FPS drop from 100 (which is not good to start out with) drop to 48! Needless to say, there’s usually a trapper or a hound that gets me during that lag. Of course, a pox or flamer will attack while down and that’s the end of my life.

The game has gone from tolerable to unplayable with this update. I dunno Fatshark. Helldivers uses the Bitsquid engine and I have no issues whatsoever. Why are there issues with Darktide?

I think it is server related. I had shots which did not register. I had enemies that glitched out and I have experienced delays. I had actions which did not register and they only registered after multiple tries.


When the server is not busy, the game seems to be running better. Perhaps they need to boost resources on the server side. I still am not happy with the in-game FPS. Here’s an error on the veteran build and it shows 180 FPS which isn’t bad if it was consistent.

A potential performance improvement is now live on the experimental build!

Instructions here:


The game was completely unplayable. The lag was so bad, I can’t determine if it’s screen refresh or server issues,. or BOTH. Frames were dropping to 38 FPS. Screen would freeze and when it came back, you were in a completely different area (about 3 meters) from where the screen froze. Finally everyone got killed and quit the game.

I question, why are you introducing new content on June 25 when you can’t get the existing game to work? It might attract a few players to the game, but when they see it’s non-functional, they will leave again or even worse. request a refund from Steam. Get what is currently released BEFOFRE adding more code and content to bloat a game that is currently non-functional.

Just for grins, I tested HELLDIVERS. Screen Resolution is the same: 1920x1080 . V-Sync OFF FPS was 1245. I just don’t get it.